Webinar: Smart Grid Implementation - how to engage consumers

Start/Stop Date:
17 Sep 2015
IEA DSM Energy Efficiency ETI together with Leonardo Energy
Webinar 15:00 - 16:00 CET
Focus Areas:
Smart grid implementation
Type of Event:

Register: http://www.leonardo-academy.org/course/details.php?id=368

About the webinar:
Whilst there is considerable focus on the technological aspects of delivering Smart Grids, little is understood of the extent to which consumers are willing and able to embrace new technologies and initiatives that would enable their use of energy to be actively managed.  There is a real risk that if consumers do not adopt new approaches to the way that they consume electricity, Smart Grids may not be able to achieve their full potential.

This presentation provides an overview and summary of the key findings from a 2- year research project exploring Smart Grids from a consumer perspective.

Speaker: Yvonne Boerakker
Yvonne Boerakker has extensive expertise on energy efficiency and renewable energy focusing at the residential and commercial sector. Studies and projects Yvonne works on typically have a multi-disciplinary focus, taking into account technological, financial, juridical and last but not least behavioural aspects. Last years Yvonne worked on projects on demand response, smart grids, smart cities and resilience. Yvonne contributed as national technical expert to Task 23 of the IEA DSM program 'The role of Demand Side in delivering Effective Smart Grids', on involvement of, and interaction with end users. Yvonne holds an MSc in Technology Management and completed a post bachelor programme on Electrical Power Engineering.

Moderator: Hans De Keulenaer
Hans De Keulenaer is Director of Energy & Electricity at the European Copper Institute (ECI), a non-profit organisation working towards the support and expansion of copper and copper alloy’s markets in Europe. He has over 25 years of experience in running international campaigns for companies and international organisations in the industrial sector. His current interests are sustainable energy systems, e-learning, quality of supply, smart & age-adaptive buildings and energy regulation.

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