Webinar: ErP Working plans

Start/Stop Date:
19 Jun 2015
Ballarat Consulting in cooperation with Leonardo Energy
Focus Areas:
Key points of the ErP directive
Type of Event:

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Summary of the course content

The Ecodesign Directive for energy-related products (ErP Directive) establishes a framework under which manufacturers of energy-using and energy related products (such as windows or water using products like taps) are obliged to reduce the energy consumption and other negative environmental impacts occurring throughout the product life cycle.  The directive is the primary mandatory means of reducing the energy use of products in the EU, complemented by informational policies such as the Energy Label.

The ErP Directive has a potentially vast scope – covering all energy-using and energy related products in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors (excluding transport).  To manage this extensive portfolio the Directive operates by setting a series of working plans, each operating for three years, which set out an indicative list of product groups which are the priority for that period.  These product groups are then considered for implementing measures: generally through preparatory studies which look at the suitability of possible measures including the potential environmental benefits.

The course will:

  • Introduce the key points of the ErP directive
  • Explain the criteria used to select products for the working plans
  • Describe the process of developing the working plans
  • Present the estimated prospective savings from each working plan
  • Give an overview of the products included in the working plans so far and
  • which of these have not resulted in measures to date and why

The Directive has been in place since 2005 (revised in 2009) with the first regulations adopted in 2008 and more than 26 measures adopted so far.  There is considerable innovation in energy using products so each regulation includes a recommended review date; many of the product groups which were regulated first have now come due for review.  So the course will also describe the current product group reviews.

Attendees of the course will gain a good understanding of both the process and results of the ErP working plans.