Webinar: ErP measures and Energy Efficiency Labels for lighting (topic 3.13)

Start/Stop Date:
06 Jul 2016
Ballarat Consulting in cooperation with Leonardo Energy
Focus Areas:
ErP measures and Energy Efficiency Labels for lighting
Type of Event:

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Lighting has been undergoing a technical transformation over the last few decades, switching from conventional incandescent lamps to compact fluorescents (CFLs) and latterly to solid state lighting, LEDs.  This change offers huge potential energy savings, of 75% or more.  So lighting has been a priority area for product policy in Europe.  The EU Energy Labelling and Ecodesign[1] regulations have been an important means of finalising and consolidating this change across the EU.

This webinar will present the story so far, the regulations that have been adopted and the market response to date; going on to outline new regulations in development.

[1] In full - Ecodesign of energy related products