Webinar: BetterHome, a cooperative business solution

Start/Stop Date:
24 May 2018
DSM University in collaboration with Leonardo Energy
Webinar @ 15.00 CET
Focus Areas:
deep energy renovations
Type of Event:

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Stimulating the energy renovation market remains one of the biggest challenges. BetterHome (BeH) by Danfoss, Grundfos, ROCKWOOL & VELUX sets out to illustrate how the BeH innovative business model can drive deep renovations across Europe, proving that a more service-oriented supply-side coupled with a deeper awareness of demand-side can change the landscape and essentially the renovation market.

As an industry-driven one-stop-shop service, BetterHome has been successful in boosting demand for deep energy renovations in Denmark.

It’s a transformative model for installers as they take up a more service-oriented approach and benefit from a simplified and structured process outlined through the BeH digital platform. In return, customers benefit as well from a clear renovation plan for their homes and a quality guarantee. Acting as a solutions-hub for renovations, BetterHome leverages a deep understanding of the market and consumers’ incentives.

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Niels Kåre Bruun (BetterHome by Danfoss, Grundfos, ROCKWOOL & VELUX)