Recording of EPB webinar 9: Calculations with the set of EPB standards - (3) Whole building calculations, from components to overall primary energy

Start/Stop Date:
19 Jan 2021
EPB Center & Build Up
On-line webinar
Focus Areas:
Illustration of EPB calculations
Type of Event:

This was the 9th of a yearlong series of webinars dealing with the set of EN and ISO standards that allow to assess the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) in a holistic manner. For more information on these standards in general, see

This was the 3rd of a subseries of 4 webinars that illustated the EPB calculations by means of practical examples.

This webinar demonstrated how the EPB standards enable to identify the impact of building and system design (insulated / non-insulated, system technology choice, renewables inclusion), outdoor climate (cold to hot) and assumed use patterns (such as occupancy and comfort schedules) on the overall energy performance. It also demonstrated how (national) choices for partial and overall EPB numerical indicators can effectively control the energy performance and set reliable minimum energy performance requirements.

The recording of this webinar can be viewed here.

An overview of the other webinars of the series can be found here.