Webinar: Energy storage for the integration of renewable electricity into the grids

Start/Stop Date:
24 Nov 2016
CEDEC and Covenant of Mayors for climate & energy
Webinar 12:00 - 13:30 CET
Focus Areas:
Energy storage for the integration of renewable electricity into the grids
Type of Event:

The continued increase of variable renewable energy sources will keep rising in the future, for a very large part connected to the distribution grid. This online event presents two innovative projects in Germany and in the Netherlands, where distribution system operators - using local storage capacity -  manage short term unpredictable fluctuations in the distribution grids, and therefore ensure a reliable and affordable energy supply at all times for their cities.

The goal of the German Green2store project is to ensure that a greater proportion of renewable energy generation can be integrated into the distribution networks. The project aims to develop a local storage system that contributes to increasing network intake capacity for renewable energies.  In practice, a cluster combines a local network storage unit, an area storage unit, a campus storage unit and household storage units into one overarching storage system with enhanced capabilities called “Energy Storage Cloud”.

In the Dutch “Neighbourhood battery” project a smart storage solution is tested in a neighbourhood of the Dutch town Etten-Leur, with 180 KWp installed. The battery prevents the electricity that is produced during day times to leave the neighbourhood and the Low Voltage part of the grid. The battery is usually filled during daytime hours and discharged during evening hours, when people arrive at their homes after work. The households are using a smart phone based solution to define their parameters for charging their electric vehicle.


  • 12:00 (CET): Introduction
  • 12:05: Presentation by Dr. Magnus Pielke (Green2store project, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany)
  • 12:30: Presentation by Mr. Edwin Edelenbos (Netbeheer Nederland - the Association of Energy Network Operators in the Netherlands)
  • 12:55: Q&A

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Ludovica Sara Fondi: ludovicasara.fondi@cedec.com

Tamas Solymosi: tamas.solymosi@eumayors.eu