Webinar: Emerging Business Models for Energy Communities Lessons from the PEGASUS project

Start/Stop Date:
31 Oct 2019
Webinar: 11:00 CET
Focus Areas:
Energy communities
Type of Event:

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The EU Clean Energy package has for the first time in history integrated “energy communities” in European Legislation. This decisive step recognises energy communities as an emerging market actor, encourages the utilization of local renewable energy sources (RES) and calls for Members States to design enabling frameworks supporting their development.

In this new frame, microgrids provide promising solutions by tapping into unexploited local RES potential, facilitate its higher integration in the energy system and localize the economic and social benefits of such projects. Microgrids also improve the resilience of grids particularly in vulnerable areas such as islands and rural areas. The PEGASUS Interreg-MED project focused precisely on testing 7 microgrid simulations across Europe in order to further research the feasibility of microgrids and develop economic and technical scenarios.

This webinar will present the details of the “energy communities” provisions in the revised Renewable Energy and Electricity Market directives, bring forward the perspective of a funding body that supports the development of such projects and showcase the results of the PEGASUS project along with a focus on one of the pilots.

Date: 31st of October at 11am (CET)


  • Jan Steinkohl, European Commission, DG Energy – Energy Communities in the Clean Energy Package
  • Anja Rautnig, Klima-und Energiefonds – Small but smart – any community can boost energy transition
  • Pasquale Motta, DeMEPA – Financial viability of Microgrids – an overview from the PEGASUS project
  • Lefteris Giakoumelos, CRES – Microgrid Scenarios for the Mega Evydrio Community

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