Webinar - ESCo market development: A role for facilitators to play

Start/Stop Date:
04 Feb 2014
DSM University: IEA IA on Demand Side Management and Leonardo Energy
Focus Areas:
energy efficiency, energy management, industry, non-residential buildings
Type of Event:

Duration / timezone:

1 hour / Central European Time (check here your local time)


Jan W. Bleyl (Energetic Solutions, IEA DSM Task 16)

industry, non-residential buildings, public, residential buildings

energy efficiency, energy management


This webinar will introduce the ‘Facilitator’ concept and discuss its added value for the development of comprehensive, performance based demand side EE and RE projects and ESCo markets. Besides enabling project development, another important feature of the buyer-led project facilitation approach is to foster competition between ESCos, other EE suppliers but also financiers on a fair and supportive playing field.

During the webinar we will discuss questions such as: What challenges and barriers does a (potential) client encounter, when setting out to procure comprehensive, performance based energy service packages or EE projects? Which know-how, procedures and organizational change processes are needed? And how can clients be enabled to do so?

The webinar builds on a recent eceee publication by IEA DSM Task 16.

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