Webinar: Evaluating energy efficiency policies: new online resources to share knowledge and experience--170 reports and a set of case studies

Start/Stop Date:
30 May 2018
IEPPEC Energy Evaluation Academy
Webinar @ 13.00 CEST
Focus Areas:
Evaluating energy efficiency policies
Type of Event:

Experience sharing about evaluation practices for energy efficiency policies is limited due to lack of time for stakeholders to disseminate or document evaluation activities. Front-runners publish their work in journals or conferences, but most evaluation activities remain in the national language and are difficult to find.

This webinar will present new online resources developed by the European project EPATEE to make knowledge and experience more easily available: 1) a Knowledge Base which includes 170 evaluation reports and papers, and 2) a set of case studies on evaluations of energy efficiency policies

The webinar will also discuss stakeholders’ needs about evaluation practices. Register here

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