[Webinar] How to assess financial and energy savings of renovations in residential buildings? RenOnBill presents its tool

Start/Stop Date:
11 Jun 2020
Focus Areas:
renovation, financing, on bill, residential, tool
Type of Event:

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What you will learn:  

  • How the RenOnBill tool can support financial institutions and energy utilities in assessing the potential of specific energy renovation measures in residential buildings
  • The tool’s functionalities and user experience design
  • How the tool can support the decision-making process toward renovations

You will contribute to the tool’s development by:  

  • Gaining first-hand insights on the tool’s underlying assumptions, methodologies and calculations from its developers.
  • Providing feedback on the tool’s design.

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 In case of any questions, get in touch with Sophia Stock (stock@adelphi.de).