Webinar #2: How to save energy using renovation policy measures

Start/Stop Date:
12 Jun 2014
Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) in partnership with the Clean Energy Solutions Center
Webinar: 5:00 CEST
Focus Areas:
Building renovations
Type of Event:

The GBPN is hosting a series of webinars on “how to” implement a successful policy package that targets energy renovations for residential buildings based on the findings from the recently launched Policy Tool for Renovation.


Webinar #2 will discuss the importance of energy saving targets and how they drive energy renovations.

Best practice countries and jurisdictions featured in the GBPN Policy Tool for Renovation have set ambitious energy saving targets and regulatory measures (overall national targets, residential building targets and public building targets). Why targets and regulations are a key driver for renovation? This Webinar invites countries that have set ambitious targets to provide us with insight into how these have been implemented and what role they play in the policy development helping other jurisdictions to learn from their experiences.

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  • Opening & Introduction - Sophie Shnapp, Policy Analyst, Global Buildings Performance Network
  • The importance of Energy Saving Targets  - Yamina Saheb, Scientific & Technical Project Officer, DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Case Studies:

  • Germany: Andreas Schuering, Policy Officer, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
  • Denmark: Peter Bach, Chief Adviser, Danish Energy Authority
  • California: Ann Edminster, Chair, Trilateral Green Building Construction Task Force, Commission for Environmental Cooperation

Energy renovation policy has only recently come onto the political agenda and is an emerging field. The Policy Tool for Renovation compares and analyses twelve current best practice renovation policies for residential buildings from Europe and the United States, using fourteen criteria that define a “state of the art” policy package. The Tool shows where positive steps have been taken, where other jurisdictions can learn from these actions and where there is scope for further progress to help countries and region to reduce the consumption of their building stock.

Next webinars will further explore the role of specific best practice elements of a policy package in driving energy renovations:

Webinar #3: Labelling and certification schemes
Webinar #4: Financial and economic instruments

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