Webinar: Lessons from renewable energy laws

Start/Stop Date:
20 Feb 2020
User-Centred Energy Systems (Users TCP) in collaboration with the European Copper Institute
Webinar: 11.00 a.m. CET
Focus Areas:
Renewable energy laws, energy transition
Type of Event:

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Lessons from renewable energy laws - how do countries legislate to support renewables to meet the needs of domestic consumers and renewables producers?

With the increasing globalisation of the market for renewable energy technologies, it might be expected that this would also lead to national renewable energy laws becoming more similar. Yet, outside of the European Union this has not happened. Drawing from her study of every country in the world’s renewable energy laws, Associate Professor Crossley will explore how countries compete to attract investment via their legislation to support renewables to meet the needs of their domestic consumers and indigenous renewable energy sources. From the support of peat in Sweden, to local content clauses in China, and the impact of the bushfires in Australia, this webinar will examine the competing market drivers impacting the energy transition around the world. 

Speaker: Penelope Crossley, University of Sydney

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