Webinar: Modernising building energy codes to secure our global energy future

Start/Stop Date:
20 Aug 2013
Focus Areas:
Buildings, energy codes
Type of Event:

With the substantial pressure the buildings sector is adding every year to global energy supply, energy security and the environment, there is an urgent need for global policy action to reduce the energy demand of the built environment.

The IEA and the UNDP partnered to analyse current practices in the design and the implementation of building energy codes. Step by step guidance for effective and successful implementation of building energy codes are provided in the publication. Illustrative examples from IEA and non IEA countries are included.

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The Webinar was hosted by the Clean Energy Solutions Center and took place on August 20th, from 2:30PM to 4:00PM CEST.

The IEA-UNDP publication on “Modernising Building Energy Codes to Secure our Global Energy Future” is now available for free download.

The webinar presentation is also available at the same link.