Webinar: Need help attracting investment for your energy efficiency project?

Start/Stop Date:
30 Apr 2015
Investor Confidence Project
Webinar 14:00 - 15:00 CET
Focus Areas:
Energy renovation in buildings
Type of Event:

Welcome to the Investor Confidence Project Europe - Register here for the webinar

  • Would you like better access to project capital for building energy renovations?
  • Are you a government hoping to attract private investment into your community’s energy renovation programme?
  • Are you looking for a way to differentiate yourselves from competitors in the increasingly crowded renovation sector?

Then the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe has what you are looking for.

On 30th April at 2:00 CET ICP Europe will hold a one-hour webinar to discuss how businesses and governments can improve the bankability of their building energy renovation projects and attract private capital to their renovation programs while reducing transaction costs. The webinar will cover how organisations can benefit from the project's open-source tools and resources for energy renovation project delivery and advertise themselves as leaders in the renovation space. Register for the webinar here.


Nearly 40% of European energy is consumed by buildings. Realising all of the available cost effective energy efficiency savings would require cumulative energy efficiency investments of €3.5 trillion, or €95 billion annually, above the business as usual pathway from now until 2050.

This level of investment is a major scaling up from current investments, and at that scale the funding will need to come from the private sector rather than public budgets. Unlocking private capital is the key to creating a marketplace of the size and diversity necessary to reach economic and decarbonisation goals. In order to attract private capital at competitive rates, however, investors need a level of certainty with respect to their probability of repayment and the reliability of project performance, embedded in a more cost effective system of project origination and underwriting.

ICP Europe opens up energy efficiency to investment markets by laying the foundation necessary to enable organisations to tap into this vast potential. This means turning energy efficiency upgrades in the tertiary and apartment building sectors into an asset that can be bought and traded, much like stocks and bonds. By developing a straightforward set of protocols that define a clear road-map for upgrades, ICP creates an investment-quality asset class whose risks and returns are transparent. Ultimately, large-scale adoption of the ICP framework could reduce transaction costs and engineering overhead, while increasing the reliability and consistency of savings.

On 30th April at 2:00 CET the ICP Europe team will introduce the project via a one-hour webinar. The webinar will discuss the tools and resources it is developing, outline how interested parties can take part and what the project means for your bottom-line.

To register for this webinar please click here. For any questions please contact Panama Bartholomy.