Primary Energy Demand of Renewable Energy Carriers - Part 2

Start/Stop Date:
12 Jun 2014
Leonardo Energy
Focus Areas:
Renewables, power generation, environmental impact
Type of Event:

Duration / timezone:
1 hour / Central European Time (check your local time here)

Andreas Hermelink, Ecofys

Primary energy factors (PEF), often referred to as conversion factors, are required to calculate the total energy consumption including the total chain of energy generation based on the final energy consumption data.

The webinar will present how primary energy factors are used in the EU regulatory framework. To what extent different definitions of PEF for RE have implications on the three energy policy fields:

  1. EU Directives– Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), Renewable Energy Directive (RED);
  2. the influence on the target setting in overarching EU communications;
  3. the influence on energy accounting (statistics).

The case studies address the policy implications and challenges of using different PEF methodology under these three energy policy areas.

This webinar is the second part of a series of two. The first part “Primary Energy Demand of Renewable Energy Carriers – Part 1 Methodology and Examples” was elaborated by PE International and describes various methods used for calculating PEFs. It is shown that depending on the methodology used the resulting PEFs for different energy sources vary significantly.

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