Webinar: Ventilative cooling and summer comfort: Freevent project in France

Start/Stop Date:
25 Apr 2018
Air infiltration and ventilation centre
Webinar 10:30 CET
Focus Areas:
Ventilative cooling
Type of Event:

Ventilative cooling reduces overheating, improves summer comfort and decreases cooling loads. It is therefore one of the most efficient ways to improve summer comfort. Conditions on site, thermal inertia, solar control and other constraints have an impact on the choice of the system and its design. The overall performance is linked to good sizing, design, correct usage of thermal storage, and last but not least a correct control, commissioning and maintenance.

FREEVENT is a French multi-partner project (ALLIE’AIR, ALDES, EGE, ACA-O and APEBAT) on ventilative cooling, financed by ADEME. The project includes a bibliography study, monitoring activities on various installed sites and recommendations and guidelines for designers.
The principal objective of this webinar is to present this project and to give information and recommendations on designing these systems and assessing their performance.
This webinar is jointly organised by the FREEVENT project and venticool (www.venticool.eu) in cooperation with the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (www.aivc.org). The webinar is hosted by INIVE (www.inive.org).
Presentations & speakers:
·       Introduction, Peter Wouters, INIVE, Belgium
·       Assessment of thermal and comfort performance, Andres Litvak, Apebat, France
·       On site measurements and feedback, Anne Marie Bernard, Allie’Air, France
·       Guidelines to achieve an effective ventilative cooling, Nicolas Piot, EGE, France

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