Workshop: Energy management and savings in business parks

Start/Stop Date:
03 Dec 2015
ARENE, in partnership with FEDARENE (European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment), the European Committee of the Regions and Île-de-France Europe
Auberge de Paris Pajol, 20 esplanade Nathalie Sarraute, 75018 Paris – France - 2.00pm – 5.30pm
Focus Areas:
energy management and energy savings
Type of Event:

For the majority of European municipalities, Business Parks are economically interesting development areas regarding settlement of companies, employment and growth of the local economy. At the same time, Business Parks are areas with high energy consumption due to industrial processes, cooling, lighting as well as heat and power generation.

Due to the spatial proximity of different companies in Business Parks, they offer various opportunities for cooperation in energy matters. During the international goEco conference, experts from the European Union, scientific organisations and representatives of energy agencies and of Business Parks will address opportunities and obstacles regarding energy and CO2 savings as well as have a look at the conditions in different European Business Parks.

Agenda of the Conference

At the international conference in Paris the results and experiences made by the European project goEco – Integrated Energy Concepts for Business Parks will be discussed and an overview on current developments in the framework of sustainable European industry policy will be given.

The conference will be free of charge, translations into French and English language will be available.

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