Brussels launch of the IEA 2014 reports on Energy Efficiency Markets and Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency

The seminar was arranged by eceee in cooperation with IEA and Fraunhofer ISI with support from Energifonden on 21 October 2014 14.00–17.30., at the University Foundation, Rue d’Egmont 11, 1000 Bruxelles.

About the seminar

In September and October 2014, the IEA launched two key reports on energy efficiency.

In September 2014 the IEA launched its publication on the multiple benefits of energy efficiency. The report concludes that the traditional focus on energy savings as the main goal of energy efficiency policy has, at times, led to an underestimation of the full value of energy efficiency in both national and global economies. Energy efficiency can bring multiple benefits, such as enhancing the sustainability of the energy system, supporting strategic objectives for economic and social development, promoting environmental goals and increasing prosperity.

By identifying and quantifying a broader range of impacts of energy efficiency, the multiple benefits approach repositions energy efficiency as a mainstream tool for economic and social development, and has the potential to motivate higher uptake of energy efficiency opportunities in the market. Read more.

In October, the 2014 edition of the IEA Energy Efficiency Markets report was launched. In the 2013 edition energy efficiency was referred to as a “hidden fuel” (but justly dubbed the First Fuel, see eceee news), one that extends energy supplies, increases energy security, lowers carbon emissions and generally supports sustainable economic growth. Yet it is hiding in plain sight: in 2011, investments in the energy efficiency market globally were at a similar scale to those in renewable energy or fossil-fuel power generation. See the 2013 edition.

eceee proudly welcomed the IEA to Brussels to present these two important reports to the Brussels audience. Paul Hodson from DG Energy's energy efficiency unit and Joanne Wade from UK ACE were invited to provide comments.

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Philippe Benoit, Head, Energy Efficiency and Environment (Climate) Division, IEA: Energy efficiency is the answer to many global energy-related challenges.
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Tyler Bryant, Energy Policy Analyst, IEA: The 2014 IEA Energy Efficiency Market Report.
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Buy report from IEA: The 2014 IEA Energy Efficiency Market Report

Nina Campbell, Energy Policy Analyst, IEA: Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency.
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Buy report from IEA: Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency.

Paul Hodson, Head of Unit Energy Efficiency & Intelligent Energy, DG Energy, European Commission: Can the IEA findings be used to develop EU energy efficiency policy?
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Joanne Wade, Director UK ACE: Are ‘market’ and ‘multiple benefits’ frames helping policy makers to enhance energy efficiency policy and action?
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