From products to systems: Saving more energy through EU policies

The Ecodesign seminar “System Approaches in Product Policies” was arranged by eceee 4 February 2014 in Brussels, in cooperation with:

CLASP Fraunhofer ISI Swedish Energy Agency


with support from Energifonden and hosted by the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU in Brussels,

Background information on the seminar's objectives

Download written summary report (pdf)

Films and presentations

A full day of discussions and presentations aimed at better understanding the system approaches currently applied under the EU Ecodesign and Energy Labelling policies. Participants discussed new areas for implementation and solutions to overcome the limitations and barriers to these approaches. The discussion explored possible interactions with other policy instruments.

Introduction and European potentials

Opening and objectives of the workshop:
 presented by Carlos Lopes,  Swedish Energy Agency. See the film.

Moderator Introduction: Sibylle Braungardt. See the film.

From products to systems: overview of energy savings in product systems - Examples - EU Potential
 presented by Nils Borg, eceee. Download the presentation (pdf). See the film.

Welcome speech:
 Johannes Jung, Head of the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU. See the film.

Opportunities in buildings and lighting

System approaches in product policies presented by Robert Nuij, European Commission. 
Download the presentation (pdf)See the film.

    National energy requirements for buildings presented by Peter Nielsen, Danish Energy Agency, (pdf). See the film.

    Improving lighting installations: arguments for going beyond requirements at the product level presented by Jürgen Sturm, LightingEurope. Download the presentation (pdf). See the film.

    See the film.

    Opportunities in buildings and lighting (continued) – Controls, users and the internet of energy-using things

    Optimised building efficiency through automation
     presented by Colin Timmins, eu.bac. Download the presentation (pdf). See the film.

    New boundaries for Ecodesing: From stovepipes to umbrellas presented by Alan Meier, UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center, California. Download the presentation (pdf). See the film.

      Q&A See the film.

      Opportunities in industrial systems

      Consideration of system approaches for motors and motor-driven units: rationale and implementation challenges
       presented by Anibal de Almeida, Coimbra University. Download the presentation (pdf). See the film.

        Q&A – See the film.

          Panel session and concluding remarks

          Introduction: How far does the current methodology used for Ecodesign and Energy Labelling cover systems - could it do more?
           presented by René Kemna, VHK. Download the presentation (pdf). See the film.

          Concluding remarks:
           presented by Pernille Schiellerup, CLASP. See the film.

          • Carlos Lopes Swedish Energy Agency
          • Robert Nuij, European Commission
          • Peter Nielsen Danish Energy Agency
          • René Kemna (VHK)
          • Anibal de Almeida, Unviersity of Coimbra
          • Alan Meier, UC Davis, California