The challenge of the IEA World Energy Outlook: European policies and measures to deliver the needed efficiency improvements

21 Nov 2012, 15.00-18.00

EU Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations (KoWi), Rue du Trône 98, Brussels

About the seminar

The seminar was arranged as part of the IEE-sponsored Energy Efficiency Watch (EEW) Project,

The IEA World Energy Outlook was presented, with additional presentations on buildings and industrial policies. DG Energy made a presentation on the challenges for EU policy following the WEO 2012 publication. In addition, some highlights from the EU-wide EEW Survey on national ambitions and policies, as well as from the analysis of National Energy Efficiency Action Plans were presented. A one-hour discussion concluded the seminar.

The seminar was arranged with support from the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme with additional support from Fraunhofer Institute and Energifonden.

Films and presentations 

World Energy Outlook 2012: An overview
Laura Cozzi, Deputy Head, Office of the Chief Economist, International Energy Agency

    Download presentation (pdf)

    Buildings: Are we on track in Europe? 
    Yamina Saheb,
     Head of Sustainable Buildings Centre, International Energy Agency

    Download presentation (pdf)

    Industrial policies for Europe 
    Amelie Goldberg, Policy and Programs Manager, Institute for Industrial Productivity

    Download presentation (pdf)

    Energy Efficiency Watch, analysis of MS ambitions. A few snapshots from the EEW project. 
    Daniel Becker, Ecofys

    Download presentation (pdf)

    The next challenges for EU energy efficiency policy
    Paul Hodson, Head of the Energy Efficiency Unit in DG Energy

    No presentation was made


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    This event is organised as part of the Intelligent Energy Europe-funded Energy Efficiency Watch project. The sole responsibility for the views expressed in presentations lies with the presenters and the views do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Communities nor of eceee.