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Accelerating structural shift
eceee's Zero Carbon Industry 2022

Antwerp, Belgium, 22–23 November 2022

>>> Films and presentations from event now online <<<

An event within the EU-funded Energy Efficiency Watch 4 project

eceee is proud to announce a new conference on deep decarbonisation of industry – eceee’s Zero Carbon Industry 2022. We build on the experience and frontline thinking of our industrial energy efficiency conferences and summer studies. We invite top speakers and thinkers to put forward the ideas and solutions needed to drastically change the industrial structure to get us to zero carbon industry.

The event will be held in Antwerp, in one of Europe’s most vibrant and innovative industrial and maritime regions

Incremental change is not enough

Europe’s industrial context has changed considerably over the last couple of years. The EU has increased its climate ambition to achieve full climate neutrality by 2050, the COVID19 pandemic has perturbed consumer demand and supply chains and, Russia has caused an unprecedented energy crisis.

Industry is a very important element in European economies, generating wealth and employment and plays a key role in achieving Europe’s long-term climate and energy objectives. However, while the improvement of the companies’ processes and operations is a permanent endeavour, there is a common understanding that more drastic transformations are needed to achieve deep decarbonisation. At the same time, industry must remain competitive – within Europe and globally – and become leaders of developing zero-carbon technologies and techniques.

The EU has stepped up its ambitions with the European Green Deal, the ‘Fit for 55’ package and REPowerEU to urgently address the current energy cost and energy security concerns. Achieving energy efficiency improvements, reducing GHG emissions and decarbonising industry becomes a higher priority. 

Beyond energy efficiency 

Energy efficiency is key in this change, but a deep transformation goes beyond improved efficiency. Efficiency will have to be paired with new decarbonised processes, electrification, and investments in renewables to power the change in a sustainable way.

The necessary changes by industry will need to be achieved rapidly to meet decarbonisation targets and the requirement to act both quickly and fundamentally will be highly challenging for each industrial company.  The Zero Carbon Industry event will provide insights to the way forward.

A short and compact event

The Zero Carbon Industry event will start on Tuesday 22 November after lunch and ends in the afternoon 23 November. It will feature two high-level plenaries and three parallel thematic panels.

There will be a modest registration fee to attend the event.

Three parallel panels

eceee's Zero Carbon Industry will feature three parallel thematic panels to outline the drastic transformation needed to achieve a zero-carbon industrial structure.

  • Decarbonising processes
  • Energy management & innovation
  • Policy drivers for change

Although we do not formally solicit abstracts as with other eceee events, we welcome ideas for relevant presentations.

Stay tuned

To keep updated on developments and to receive further conference information, please send us your email address. eceee@eceee.org

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