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Two days of information exchange and intense networking

Starting in 2022, eceee industrial event is a shorter, more condensed event. Following the decision to move the scientific part with abstracts and peer-reviewed papers to a devoted panel at the eceee Summer Study, we are now offering two intense days with presentations and workshops. The aim is the same – to offer a platform for intense and fruitful discussion and information exchange on industrial decarbonisation and energy efficiency.

We've been doing this for a long time

eceee's first industrial energy efficiency event was held in 2012, following a 20-year tradition of interdisciplinary, cross-sector Summer Studies, which has developed into the most important energy efficiency event in Europe. Since then, we've held the event every even year. After two times in Berlin, the 2020 event was held digitally due to Covid.

By devoting a complete event to energy in industry, eceee wants to make sure that industrial efficiency and decarbonisation get the attention it deserves and that we start to harvest the huge potential for savings in the industry sector.

The Summer Studies and industrial events are the backbone of eceee's ambition to deliver comprehensive evidence-based information on all aspects of energy efficiency. Our conferences offer a mix of peer-reviewed quality paper presentations, informal sessions set up by participants on the spot, inspiring keynotes and just plain round-the-clock networking. Now, the industrial event has been further adapted to accommodate the needs of those involved in industrial energy efficiency with a shorter event that offers more informal presentations and less formal requirements for the presenters to allow as many views as possible to be present. 

Why participate in the Zero Carbon Industry event?

Participating is great for networking, regardless if you are looking for clients, need to discuss a project or are about to recruit qualified staff in a sector where demand of competent experts is greater than the supply. At eceee’s events, the trends of future policies can be spotted first. 

Participants attend the event from a number of sectors. Energy managers and other decision makers in energy using industries, both from manufacturing and heavy industry, are present. Several academics working closely with industry on research about everything from technology and processes to how production best can be organised also attend the conference. They bring the systematic analysis of what works and who delivers. Policy makers from a number of levels are there to learn and share the experiences of industrial energy efficiency. Financing energy efficiency projects is a key to getting industrial efficiency implemented, and experts in energy efficiency financing are present.

Excellent evaluations, great for networking

Previous event have received very good ratings from the evaluations. The overall rating is above 4 on a scale rated 1–5. The panel sessions and the time for discussions also consistently have received a rating of 4 on this scale. The organisational aspects (on-site organisation, information, etc.) consistently have received above 4 on the same scale. The same high ratings have been received for the abstracts submission and paper review process, as well as for the registration.

In 2018 participants said the following in the evaluation:

  • 93% said they made new contacts at the conference that were useful in their professional life.
  • 88% said they had learned something new at the conference that they found useful in their work.
  • 77% said that the contacts they made at the event will lead to new collaborations.

"New ideas, new contacts, rewarding ..."

"... many thought-provoking concepts introduced and good sharing of ideas."

"Excellent training and education facility."

Participants on the previous Industrial Efficiency events.

Great for networking

In 2018, evaluation respondents said …

  • – 93% made new contacts useful in their professional life.
  • – 88% learned something new they found useful in their work.
  • – 77% said their contacts at the event will lead to new collaborations.

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