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Zero Carbon Industry 2022 Archives:
Films and presentations from day 1 (Tue 22 Nov)

10.00–12.00 Pre-Conference workshop: Saving energy in a hurry

View whole workshop as one film on Youtube

Workshop arranged in cooperation with Gold Sponsor EiiF and its members in partnership with Fraunhofer ISI and the DEESME project. 
Moderator: Andreas Guertler, EiiF.

10.00–10.20 The case for urgency – the European context

  • Welcome by Nils Borg, eceee. View film
  • Introduction by Moderator Andreas Guertler. View film
  • Savings in a hurry – legislation in a hurry! – News from the European Commission | Oronzo Daloiso, European Commission View film Download pdf

10.15–10.35 National initiatives: giving audits leverage

  • National Initiatives giving audits leverage – An overview of the situation in various countries  | Robin Barkhausen, Fraunhofer ISI and the DEESME project. View film | Download pdf

10.40–11.30 Glimpses into the toolbox of solutions

  • The instant and large insulation potential of storage tank farms | Stephan-F. Reichinger, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation. View film | Download pdf
  • Walk the talk at SAINT-GOBAIN – The internal TIPCHECK programme TIP4Best | Yves Boon, Saint-Gobain Technical Insulation. View filmDownload pdf
  • The immediate savings possible by adding heat recovery units to cooling equipment | Thomas Nowak, European Heat Pump Assocition. View film | Download pdf
  • Application efficiency of heat pumps as a solution that can be applied immediately | Andrea Voigt, Danfoss. View film | Download pdf
  • Using data to get actionable input to optimize an industrial company’s energy use | An Beazar, Enprove. View film | Download pdf

11.30–12.00 Open microphone

  • Solutions and suggestions from the audience. Very short interventions. View film

13.00–14.30 Conference start, Opening plenary

View whole plenary as one film on Youtube

ModeratorClemens Rohde, eceee.

  • Introduction by Moderator Clemens Rohde, eceee. View film
  • Welcome speech, the challenges facing one of EU's largest industrial ports and heavy industry clusters | Anne-Frédérique Demaerel, Port of Antwerp-Bruges. View film | Download pdf
  • Pathways and policies for zero industrial emissions | Lars Nilsson, Professor of Environmental and Energy Systems Studies at Lund University (Sweden). View filmDownload pdf
  • EU's strategy for industrial decarbonisation | Jean Bergevin, European Commission, DG GROW. View film | No pdf available. 

15.00–16.30 Parallel panel sessions – block 1 

Panel 1: Decarbonising processes
Panel leaders: Lisa Neusel & Simon Minett

Options for decarbonising process heat

Panel 2: Energy management and innovation
Panel leaders: An Beazar & Dusan Jakovljevic

EMS People Focus: From Management to Excellence

Panel 3: Policy drivers for change
Panel leaders: Erwin Cornelis & Ivana Rogulj Download intro pdf

The leap from energy efficiency to climate neutrality

The Potential and Challenges for Decarbonising Steam: Perspectives from the Metals Industry | Nick Bitsios, Mytillenous (GR). Download pdf

Powering industry towards net zero | Sophie Gorlé, Elia (BE). Download pdf

Scenario for a rapid gas phase-out in European Industry | Clemens Schneider (Wuppertal Institute, DE). Download pdf (Updated 13 Dec)

Energy Management at SMEs: Building Energy Teams | Diedert Debusscher, European Copper Institute (BE). Download pdf

ISO50005: Opportunity for SMEs? | Christina Allen, BSI.

Energy efficiency narratives of EEW4 | Daniel Becker, Guidehouse. Download pdf

Energy Policy Agreements: renewal of Flemish voluntary agreement on energy efficiency | Joris Recko, Flemish Energy Agency. Download pdf

Mainstreaming industrial climate policy in North Rhine-Westphalia Sebastian Busch, IN4.climate.NRW. Download pdf

17.00–18.30 Parallel panel sessions – block 2

Panel 1: Decarbonising processes
Panel leaders: Lisa Neusel & Simon Minett

Roadmaps to decarbonisation

Panel 2: Energy management and innovation
Panel leaders: An Beazar & Dusan Jakovljevic

EMS: The Key Tool for Energy Transition

Panel 3: Policy drivers for change
Panel leaders: Erwin Cornelis & Ivana Rogulj 

Industrial decarbonisation: challenges and opportunities

Developing key steps Pathways to a climate-neutral European chemical industry | Florie Gonsolin - Cefic (BE). Download pdf

Modeling framework implemented in the Ethylene & co Sectoral Transition Plan (STPs) | Michelle Houngbé, Ademe (FR). Download pdf

Developing key steps towards a roadmap for the steel industry involving stakeholders | Sonja Arnold-Keifer - Fraunhofer ISI (DE). Download pdf

EMS and Energy Storage | Maxime Snick, Octave. Download pdf

EMS as a part of smart energy systems | Alex Rathmell EnergyPro (UK). Download pdf

The challenges of decarbonising dispersed industrial sites: can a place-based approach help, and how? | Dr Imogen Rattle, The University of Leeds. Download pdf

Product benchmarks – the role of substitutes in achieving the objectives of the ETS (case T-244/21) | Anna Bryngelsson and Andreas Johansson, MSA. Download pdf

CBAM: incentivizing a global level playing field on climate action | Koen Coppenholle, Cembureau. Download pdf

See films and presentations from Day 2 – Wednesday 23 Nov

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