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Zero Carbon Indusry 2022 Archives:
Films and presentations from day 2 (Wed 23 Nov)

09.00–10.30 Parallel panel sessions – block 3

Panel 1: Decarbonising processes
Panel leaders: Lisa Neusel & Simon Minett

Process shift for decarbonisation

Panel 2: Energy management and innovation
Panel leaders: An Beazar & Dusan Jakovljevic

EMS Technologies: Data and Digitalisation

Panel 3: Policy drivers for change
Panel leaders: Erwin Cornelis & Ivana Rogulj

EU policies as driver

Kickstarting the global steel transformation: a bottleneck analysis | Clemens Schneider, Wuppertal Institut für Klima,
Umwelt, Energie (DE). Download pdf

Innovative Carbon Capture Options for Industry | Petri Mast (TBC), Sibelco Ankerpoort NV (BE). Download pdf

Decarbonising the Cement sector – The role of CCUS | Dr. Marlene Arens, Heidelberg Materials (DE). Download pdf

EMS as Data Management | An Beazar, Enrpove (BE). Download pdf

Smart Energy Factory: IoT on the factory floor | Kris Van der Hoeven (BE). Download pdf

EMS integrating ‘heat’ | Wim Jacobs, Zero Friction. Download pdf

The EU ETS under the Fit for 55 Package: Next steps & Negotiation Process | Juan Fernando López Hernández, European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition (BE). Download pdf

Civil society’s position on Industrial Emissions Directive | Bellinda Bartolucci, ClientEarth & Riccardo Nigro, European Environmental Bureau (BE). Download pdf

Covenant of Companies: leading SMEs to climate neutrality | Guido Lena, SME United. Download pdf

14.30–15.00 COFFEE BREAK

11.00–12.30 Parallel panel sessions – block 4

Panel 1: Decarbonising processes
Panel leaders: Lisa Neusel & Simon Minett

Infrastructure Needs & Costs

Panel 2: Energy management and innovation
Panel leaders: An Beazar & Dusan Jakovljevic

EMS as Business: Capacity for change

Panel 3: Policy drivers for change
Panel leaders: Erwin Cornelis & Ivana Rogulj'

Financial levers for industrial decarbonisation

Cluster effects on industrial decarbonization: Rotterdam | Ton van Dril, TNO (NL). Download pdf

Societal acceptance – a necessary (but often overlooked) condition for industry transitionMichael Walther, NRW.Energy4Climate GmbH (DE). Download pdf 

Meeting the right balance in network development | Simon Minett, Challoch Energy (BE). Download pdf

EMS unlocking Financing | Speaker TBC.

Transformation of value chains and business models for a low-carbon cement industry: a perspective from France | Elliot Mari, Ademe (FR). Download pdf

EMS and Accounting (How to calculate energy savings) | Lieven Colardyn, IPMVP. Download pdf

EEFIG and how to finance the industrial transition | Robert Nuij, DG ENER (BE). Download pdf

EU taxonomy: what’s in for industrial corporates | Bettina Dorendorf, KfW (DE). Download pdf

Design and interactions of the NL CO2 levy and SDE++ subsidy scheme: a stick and a carrot | Marit van Hout, PBL (NL). Download pdf

Assessment of the support mechanisms for energy-intensive companies in Flanders | Yelter Bollen, Bond Beter Leefmilieu. Download pdf

12.30–13.30 LUNCH BREAK

13.30–15.00 Workshop: Financing the industrial transition

View whole session on Youtube

This workshop brings together speakers from a European financial institution, a national development bank, a pan-European innovation fund and the European Commission to see how we address that elephant in the room – financing. We will look at financing taking a 360 degree perspective – asset managers from industry (large and small), intermediaries such as engineering companies or ESCOs or suppliers, financial institutions and policy makers and programme implementers. We’re counting on you. to get involved in this lively discussion. Download pdf

Moderator: Rod Janssen, eceee. 


  • Introduction by Moderator Rod Janssen, eceeeView film
  • Robert Nuij, European Commission, DG ENER (BE). View film
  • Bettina Dorendorf, KfW (DE). View film Download pdf
  • Tatiana Bosteels, European Investment Bank (EiB). View film
  • Giorgia Caroli, European Innovation Fund, European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA). View film Download pdf

15.00–15.30 COFFEE BREAK

15.30–17.00 Closing plenary

View whole session on Youtube

Moderator: Erwin Cornelis, ECOS.

  • Introduction by Moderator Erwin Cornelis, ECOS. View film
  • Successful narratives – and counternarratives – on energy efficiency. What over 1200 EU energy efficiency experts think works and doesn’t work when communicating with policy makers | Christiane Egger, O.Ö energisparverband (AT). Download pdf 
    Presented by Daniel Becker, Guidehouse Germany. View film
  • Four pathways to reach zero net carbon emissions for France: The role of industry | Didier Bossebeuf, Scientific and technical advisor research and forecasting direction, Ademe, (FR). View film | Download pdf
  • European Commission's work to support SMEs in the energy transition and the energy cost crisis | Oronzo Daloiso, European Commission, CINEA. (No presentation available)
  • A green industrial revolution in northern Sweden catalyzing global decarbonization | Ola Hansén, Public Affairs Director, H2 Green Steel (FR). View film | Download pdf

Detailed programme: Day 1–22 Nov | Day 2–23 Nov

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