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Five panels for the low-carbon transition

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Industry represents just over one third of global final energy consumption and will be a key determinant of whether emission reductions targets both in Europe and globally can be achieved. Regardless of the sector – from manufacturing and food processing to heavy process industry – energy efficiency presents the means for European industry to not only reduce energy use and emissions, but also improve productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

Also, in a time of global turmoil, shaky markets, volatile energy prices and increasing urgency of climate change, it is crucial to improve the resilience of Europe’s industry sector. Increased focus on energy efficiency can not only control fuel costs, it can also help increasing quality of production and reducing non-energy costs associated with maintenance, production stand still and insurance fees. And this will have positive employment benefits.

The panels will broaden its traditional scope relating to industrial energy efficiency to explore current and emerging trends in industry, such as new business models, digitalisation, industry 4.0, the circular economy and resource efficiency.

Panel 1. Policies and programmes to drive transformation

Panel leaders: Joe Ritchie, International Energy Agency (IEA) EE Division and Oliver Lösch, Institute for Resource Efficiency and Energy Strategies. Read more about Panel 1.

Panel 2. Sustainable production towards a circular economy

Panel leaders: Andrea Trianni, University of Technology Sydney and Enrico Cagno, Politecnico di Milano. Read more about Panel 2.

Panel 3. Energy management: the nuts and bolts

Panel leaders: Maria Johansson and Therese Nehler, Linköping University and Liam McLaughlin, GEN Europe. Read more about Panel 3.

Panel 4. Technology, products and systems

Panel leaders: Christina Hatzilau, National Technical University of Athens and João Fong, University of Coimbra. Read more about Panel 4

Panel 5. Business models and finance in the age of digitalisation

Panel leaders: Bettina Dorendorf, KfW Bankengruppe and Carsten Glenting, Viegand & Maagøe. Read more about Panel 5.

Conference co-chairs

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Claire Range, DENEFF Germany, Ulrika Wising, Macquarie Corporate & Asset Finance and Rod Janssen, Energy in Demand

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