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Panel Visions of the Future: Big New Ideas for Energy Efficiency

Bringing the Vision to Life: Will Advances in Energy Communication Create a Significant Resource Strategy?
Harvey Michaels, Michaels Energy Strategy and Analysis

DOE's Commercial Buildings Program: A Market-Based Approach to Zero Energy Performance
Drury Crawley, U.S. Department of Energy
Paul Torcellini, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
L.J. Sandahl, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sean McDonald, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Andrew Nicholls, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Modeling Approaches to Building Energy Efficiency
William Sisson, United Technologies Corporation and World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Getting to Fifty: Moving Toward Low-Energy Commercial Buildings
David Hewitt, New Buildings Institute
Terry Egnor, New Buildings Institute
Mark Frankel, New Buildings Institute

EPA Climate Choice: Promoting Emerging Technologies That Protect the Climate
Kristen Taddonio, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Peter Banwell, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

National Cooling Initiative: What Are We Waiting For?
Buck Taylor, Roltay Inc. Energy Services
Mark Cherniack, New Buildings Institute

Making Aggressive Levels of Efficiency “Business as Usual” – California's Strategic Plan for the Next Generation of Energy Efficiency
Jeanne Clinton, California Public Utilities Commission
Cathleen Fogel, California Public Utilities Commission

Efficiency in a Climate-Constrained World: Are We Aiming High Enough?
Chris Calwell, Ecos Consulting
Laura Moorefield, Ecos Consulting

Energy Efficiency's Impact on California's Renewable Energy Development
Amber Mahone, Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc.
Jack Moore, Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc.
Jim Williams, Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc.
C.K. Woo, Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc.

Deep Energy Reductions in Existing Homes: Strategies for Implementation
Linda Wigington, Affordable Comfort, Inc. (ACI)

Dynamic Energy Management
Kelly E. Parmenter, Global Energy Partners, LLC
Patricia Hurtado, Global Energy Partners, LLC
Greg Wikler, Global Energy Partners, LLC
Clark W. Gellings, Electric Power Research Institute

Scale Matters: An Action Plan for Realizing Sector-Wide “Zero Energy” Performance Goals in Commercial Buildings
Stephen Selkowitz, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jessica Granderson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Philip Haves, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Paul Mathew, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jeffrey Harris, Alliance to Save Energy

The Value of Advanced Technologies in the U.S. Buildings Sector in Climate Change Mitigation
Page Kyle, Joint Global Change Research Institute
Leon Clarke, Joint Global Change Research Institute
Steven J. Smith, Joint Global Change Research Institute

Extreme Efficiency: How Far Can We Go If We Really Need To?
David B. Goldstein, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

What Does It Take to Turn Load Growth Negative? A View from the Leading Edge
Scudder Parker, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Blair Hamilton, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Michael Wickenden, Vermont Energy Efficiency Contract Administrator

The Road to Carbon Neutral: ENERGY STAR for Homes and Beyond
Sam Rashkin, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Glenn Chinery, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
David Meisegeier, ICF International
Dean Gamble, ICF International

CABA's Intelligent Building Programs
David Katz, Building Intelligence Quotient Consortium
Thomas M. Keel, Georgia Institute of Technology