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Panel Commercial Buildings: Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

Retrocommissioning: A Persistence Study
Umamaheswar Krishnan, Nexant, Inc.
Aniruddha Duttagupta, Nexant, Inc.
Alan Ahrens, CenterPoint Energy

Summing it Up: The National Action Plan’s New Program Impact Evaluation Guide
Nikolaas Dietsch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Steven R. Schiller, Schiller Consulting, Inc.

Green Building Performance Evaluation: Measured Results from LEED New Construction Buildings
Cathy Turner, New Buildings Institute
Mark Frankel, New Buildings Institute

International Cooperation to Scale Up Adoption of High-Performance Buildings: From Novel to Normal
Laura Van Wie McGrory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mark Ginsberg, U.S. Department of Energy
Joe Huang, White Box Technologies

Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS): The Process of Mainstreaming Efficiency in Action and the Evolution of CHPS
Haile Bucaneg, California Energy Commission

The Evolution of a Successful Efficiency Program: Energy Savings Bid
Carrie Webber, KEMA, Inc.

Designing a Successful Demand Response Program: It's Not Your Grandfather's Load Control Program
Carmen Henrikson, EnerNOC, Inc.
Kristin Brief, EnerNOC, Inc.

Streamlining the Small Commercial New Construction Market: a Prescriptive Approach to Comprehensive Savings with Core Performance
Jonathan Kleinman, CLEAResult Consulting, Inc.
Jay Pilliod, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Mark Frankel, New Buildings Institute
Matt Socks, Optimal Energy, Inc.

From Resource Acquisition to Relationships: How Energy Efficiency Initiatives Can Work Effectively with Large Commercial & Industrial Customers
Jeffrey Loiter, Optimal Energy, Inc.
Eric Belliveau, Optimal Energy, Inc.
Jonathan Kleinman, Optimal Energy, Inc.
Dan Gaherty, Efficiency Vermont
Gillian Eaton, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Implementing a Resource Conservation Manager Program at Puget Sound Energy
Bill Younger, Puget Sound Energy
Lori Moen, Puget Sound Energy
Ted Brown, Puget Sound Energy
Bobbi Wilhelm, Puget Sound Energy

The Commercial Building Market Structure: An Act with Five Players
Peter Turnbull, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
John H. Reed, Innovologie

The Divergence Problem - Meeting “AIA 2030 Challenge” Standards with Existing Buildings: A New York City Tenant Case Study
Julian Parsley, Buro Happold Consulting Engineers PC
Steven Baumgartner, Buro Happold Consulting Engineers PC

Two Contrasting Markets & Approaches: Promoting Efficiency in the Province of New Brunswick and New England
Brian McCowan, ERS Consulting
Dan Birleanu, Energy & Resource Solutions
Doug Baston, North Atlantic Energy Advisors
Gabe Arnold, Efficiency Vermont
Tom Coughlin, National Grid

A Market-Based Approach to Energy Efficiency in Hospitality
Mindy Guilfoyle, Focus on Energy / Franklin Energy
Matthew Matenaer, Focus on Energy / Franklin Energy

Barriers to Greater Energy Efficiency within the Building Industry
Constant Van Aerschot, Lafarge

Risky Business: Development and Implementation of a Risk Assessment Strategy to Guide Program Evaluation
Hannah Carmalt, Energy Market Innovations, Inc.
Dan Schulte, Energy Market Innovations, Inc.
Eric Brateng, Puget Sound Energy

Enhancing Price Response Programs through Auto-DR: California's 2007 Implementation Experience
Greg Wikler, Global Energy Partners, LLC
Albert Chiu, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Mary Ann Piette, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Sila Kiliccote, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Dan Hennage, Akuacom, Inc.
Chuck Thomas, Electric Power Research Institute

Comparison of Commercial LEED Buildings and Non-LEED Buildings within the 2002-2004 Pacific Northwest Commercial Building Stock
David Baylon, Ecotope, Inc.
Poppy Storm, Ecotope, Inc.

Harvesting Savings: Energy Efficiency Roots Sustainability in the Wine Industry
David Casentini
Lorna Rushforth, Resource Solutions Group
Tim Holmes, Kenwood Energy

Transforming the Practices of Building Operation and Maintenance Professionals: A Washington State Pilot Program
Srinivas Katipamula, Battelle, Pacific Northwest Division
Michael R. Brambley, Battelle, Pacific Northwest Division

Adapting to Serve the Commercial New Construction Market in Oregon
Thomas Giffin, SAIC
Spencer Moersfelder, Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc.

Quantifying the “Real World” Impacts of Early Design Involvement and the Implications for New Construction Program Design, Implementation and Evaluation
Kevin Grabner, Energy Center of Wisconsin
Pravin Bhiwapurkar, Energy Center of Wisconsin
Tate Walker, Energy Center of Wisconsin

Targeted Marketing Strategies that Increase Energy Efficiency Program Participation of Commercial Companies
Fred Dreher, Franklin Energy Services, LLC
Jan Peiffer, Franklin Energy Services, LLC
Judy Mathewson, We Energies

Building Lasting Partnerships: Program Strategies that Enamor Decision-Makers & Enable Savings in the Commercial Real Estate Office Sector
Jason Erwin, Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Kimberlie Lenihan, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Jack Davis, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Jean Bardeaux, Xcel Energy

Scoring Our Schools: Program Implementation Lessons-Learned From Benchmarking Over 1,775 Schools for Seven Utilities
Jim Stimmel, CLEAResult Consulting, Inc.
Jessica Gohs, CLEAResult Consulting, Inc.

Building and Remodeling a New Construction Program
Zachary Obert, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp.
Carter Dedolph, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp.

Preaching to the Choir: Are Repeat Participants Free Riders?
Jeff Erickson, Summit Blue Consulting, LLC

DOE Commercial Building Benchmark Models
Paul Torcellini, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Michael Deru, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Brent Griffith, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Kyle Benne, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Mark Halverson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
David Winiarski, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Drury Crawley, U.S. Department of Energy

Making the Leap: Data and Lessons Learned from Scaling Up Retrocommissioning Programs
Emily Moore, Portland Energy Conservation, Inc.
Eliot Crowe, Portland Energy Conservation, Inc.
Allison Robbins, Portland Energy Conservation, Inc.
Becky Walker, Portland Energy Conservation, Inc.

From Single Commercial Buildings to Portfolios: Streamlining LEED® Documentation for Volume Customers
Mike Opitz, U.S. Green Building Council

What’s Cooking? Commercial Building Trends in the Food Services Industry
Lark Lee, PA Consutling
Carol Sabo, PA Consutling
Tsosie Reyhner, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Attribution Methodology Wars: Self-Report Methods versus Statistical Number Crunching - Which Should Win?
Gay Cook, Summit Blue Canada Inc.

Energy Efficient Lighting in Historic Buildings
Barbara Smith, Wisconsin Division of Energy Services
Cheryl Rezabek, Wisconsin Division of State Facilities
Jim Mapp, Wisconsin Division of Energy Services
Jim Cavallo, Kouba-Cavallo Associates