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Panel Market Transformation: Taking Efficiency Mainstream

A Bright Idea in Commercial Lighting: New Brunswick’s Success with an Upstream Incentive Approach
Robin Rocca, Efficiency New Brunswick
Gabe Arnold, Efficiency Vermont

Residential Building Code Change: Market Transformation Success, Back to the Beginning for ENERGY STAR Homes Program Implementation
Kendall Youngblood, Energy Trust of Oregon
Anne Brink, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Brady Peeks, Energy Trust of Oregon

ENERGY STAR Quantity Quotes: A New Tool for Reaching Large Purchasers of Energy-Efficient Products
Ari Reeves, D&R International, Ltd.
Matthew R. Jones, D&R International, Ltd.
Dana Zipser Schallheim, D&R International, Ltd.
Jacob Skaggs, D&R International, Ltd.
Lani MacRae, U.S. Department of Energy

Market Transformation and Guiding Principles of Sustainability
Paul Sheldon, Ecos Consulting
Michael Rendon, Ecos Consulting

Market Penetration of ENERGY STAR Qualified Appliances: An Analysis of Various Predictor Variables
Bill McNary, D&R International, Ltd.

80 PLUS: Market Impacts and Lessons Learned
Ryan Rasmussen, Ecos Consulting
Geoff Wickes, Ecos Consulting and Industrial Efficiency Alliance

Industry Scalable Commercial Lighting Solutions for the Mainstream Market
Carol Jones, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sucheta Puranik, Booz Allen Hamilton

Transforming Ourselves While Transforming the Market: Turning Technical Expertise into the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings
Katie Ackerly, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Jennifer Amann, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Glee Murray, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Sarah Black, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

The Greening of Retail: Opportunities for Increased Retail Engagement on Energy Efficiency
Anna Siefken, ICF International
Jill Vohr, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Hewan Tomlinson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Lindsey Gertler, ICF International

Magical Mystery Devices or Not: How Do LED Lamps and Luminaires Really Measure-Up?
Mia Paget, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jeff McCullough, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Heidi Steward, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Impacts of Advertising on Market Transformation: A Case Study of PG&E’s 2007 CFL Marketing Campaign
Barbara Wingate, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Jennifer E. Canseco, KEMA, Inc.

ENERGY STAR Qualified Fixtures See the Light of Day: How the Puget Sound Effort Changed the Market
Jill Reynolds, Ecos Consulting
Sheryl Bunn, Ecos Consulting
Emily Pearce, Ecos Consulting
Kathy Mann, Ecos Consulting
Sheila McElhinney, Ecos Consulting

LED Lighting: Applying Lessons Learned from the CFL Experience
Jeff McCullough, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
T.L. Gilbride, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
L.J. Sandahl, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
K.L. Gordon, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
M.R. Ledbetter, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
M.K. Ton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Case Study: The Effectiveness of Zero Energy Home Strategies in the Marketplace
Bill Dakin, Davis Energy Group, Inc.
David Springer, Davis Energy Group, Inc.
Bill Kelly, SunPower Corporation

Greening Leased Spaces: Opportunities and Challenges
Craig McDonald, Navigant Consulting, Inc.
Sean Ivery, Navigant Consulting, Inc.
Claire M. Gagne, Navigant Consulting, Inc.
Kif Scheuer, Strategic Energy Innovations

It’s the Size of the Reduction Target, Stupid! The Need for a Wholesale Re-Think of Energy Efficiency Policy in UK Housing
Gavin Killip, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Changing Behaviors: Market Transformation Web Sites as Online Narrative
David Hicks, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and University of Colorado—Boulder

Estimating Energy Savings for a Commercial Market Transformation Initiative
Cathy Chappell, Heschong Mahone Group, Inc.
David Cohan, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Cooking Up a New Approach for Program Design II: A Recipe for Success
Kim Erickson, Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Afroz Khan, Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Marilyn Dare, New York State Research and Development Authority
Andy Doeschot, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Al Dietemann, Seattle Public Utilities
Ella Abadir, Southern California Gas Company
Kate Lewis, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Mindy Guilfoyle, Wisconsin Focus on Energy

Industry-Led Market Transformation
Ian Jarvis, EnerLife Consulting
Marion Fraser, Fraser & Company

Are We There Yet? An Assessment of a Decade of Lighting Market Transformation Efforts
Tami Rasmussen, KEMA, Inc.
Anu Teja, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
Jennifer E. Canseco, KEMA, Inc.

Walking the Aisles: Designing Research to Understand CFL Purchase Motivations at the Time of Sale
Jennifer E. Canseco, KEMA, Inc.
Kathleen Gaffney, KEMA, Inc.
Kevin Price, KEMA, Inc.

Transforming the Residential Buildings Market through High Performance Homes and a National Home Performance Label: The DOE Builders Challenge
James Lyons, U.S. Department of Energy/Newport Partners LLC
Ed Pollock, U.S. Department of Energy/Newport Partners LLC
Joe Nebbia, U.S. Department of Energy/Newport Partners LLC

Selling Efficiency amid the Green Revolution: Innovative Marketing Approaches at Three Statewide Efficiency Programs
Chris Schultz-Buechner, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
Leigh Winterbottom, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Jan Schaeffer, Energy Trust of Oregon

CFLs, Mercury and Mayhem! The Energy Efficiency Community Responds
Vicki Fulbright Calwell, Ecos Consulting
Peter Banwell, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency