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EE & Behaviour

EE & Behaviour

European conference on energy efficiency and behaviour proceedings


The conference focussed on understanding individuals' behaviour and decision making processes relevant to energy consumption and conservation. Another way to summarise the conferences central theme is by asking the question: How can existing knowledge and experience of behavioural change in individuals and society as a whole be used to promote a more energy efficient and therefore sustainable future?

The conference brought together people from many diverse walks of life and focus on exchanging knowledge and experiences relevant to energy efficiency, behavioural change research, policymaking, policy implementation and the use of the media to achieve policy objectives.

The programme included presentations on the following subjects:

  • Energy conservation and behavioural change strategies (at an individual level and in broader social systems);
  • applying theory in practice;
  • the successful use of instruments to bring about change;
  • and successful up-scaling and diffusion strategies.