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This recent conference, held at the University of Oslo, on 25 - 26 November 2010, encouraged authors to address new visions and strategies for achieving sustainable energy and reducing carbon emissions. The conference was organized by the University of Oslo interfaculty program ‘Environmental change and sustainable energy’ (MILEN) lead by Hal Wilhite:

MILEN supports Wilhite’s participation as an individual member of the eceee Board. Both eceee and the University of Oslo have benefited from the exchange of information between MILEN and eceee networks.

The conference brought together 100 international scholars working across disciplines on sustainable energy and climate change. Over 40 papers were presented which contributed to the agenda for further inter-disciplinary collaboration among social and natural scientists researching these critical topics. Nine papers are made available here in pdf form. All papers are available; for those interested, contact MILENs administrative coordinator Frøydis Elvik

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