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eceee Industrial Summer Study proceedings

The peer-reviewed papers from all industrial conferences are published in the eceee Industrial Summer Study proceedings. All are open access.

Please find more information about the conference at the dedicated industrial efficiency website, where you also can find information on the review process and eceee's ethical guidelines.

Proceedings from the traditional, cross sectoral Summer Studies can be found on the webpage for eceee Summer Study proceedings.

Issues of the proceedings

eceee 2020 Industrial Summer Study proceedings 
Industrial Efficiency 2020: Decarbonise Industry!

ISSN: 2001-7987 (online), 2001-7979 (print)
978-91-983878-3-4 (online), 978-91-983878-2-7 (print)

    eceee 2018 Industrial Summer Study proceedings 
    Industrial Efficiency 2018: Leading the low-carbon transition

    ISSN: 2001-7987 (online), 2001-7979 (print)
    978-91-983878-3-4 (online), 978-91-983878-2-7 (print)

    eceee 2016 Industrial Summer Study proceedings 
    Industrial efficiency 2016: Going beyond energy efficiency to deliver savings, competitiveness and a circular economy

    ISSN 2001-7987 (online), 2001-7979 (print)
    ISBN 978-91-980482-9-2 (online), 978-91-980482-8-5 (print)

    eceee 2014 Industrial Summer Study proceedings 
    Retool for a competitive and sustainable industry

    ISSN: 2001-7987 (online), 2001-7979 (print)
    ISBN: 978-91-980482-5-4 (online), 978-91-980482-4-7 (print)

    eceee 2012 Industrial Summer Study proceedings
    30 percent of Europe’s energy use

    ISBN: 978-91-980482-1-6 (online), 978-91-980482-0-9 (print)