TIPCHECKS offer rapid payback times and great energy savings potentials

Panel: 5. The role of energy management systems, education, outreach and training

This is a peer-reviewed paper.

Andreas Gürtler, European Industrial Insulation Foundation, Switzerland
Pascal Decker, Saint-Gobain Isover G+H
Business unit technical Insulation, Germany


Industrial Insulation is a proven BEST AVAILABLE TECHNIQUE for energy efficiency but its benefits are very often overseen. Industry tends to see insulation rather as a necessary evil, than as a cost-effective investment to save energy, money and cut emissions.

With energy prices expected to continue to rise, becoming energy efficient is gathering more importance than ever. Strangely enough, records show that insulation in industry is far below cost-effective levels, even with today’s prices; many parts of installations remain un-insulated, and maintenance seems in some cases non-existent.

The cause of this is mostly due to a lack of awareness and know-how. To this end, the European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF) created an insulation energy appraisal programme for industrial insulation called TIPCHECK. The name stands for Technical Insulation Performance Check.

TIPCHECKs are European wide standardised insulation energy appraisals of industrial installations identifying spots like un-insulated pipes or valves, vessels or flanges offering great energy savings potentials if insulated.

EiiF certifies in its TIPCHECK trainings experienced and highly qualified insulation engineers to TIPCHECK engineers. With the first engineers having been certified, EiiF is receiving clear reports which show the great potential of industrial insulation in European industry. Furthermore the first case studies show that this potential would be even greater if TIPCHECK engineers would be involved in the planning process of major overhaul, retrofit or new-build projects.

The EiiF presentation at ECEEE will be illustrated with these interesting first case studies and explain in detail the reasons, why in industry insulation offers rapid payback times of most often one year or even less and therefore is a highly attractive and first step to increase the energy efficiency of industrial processes.


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