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eceee Industrial Summer Study proceedings

eceee 2014 Industrial Summer Study: Retool for a competitive and sustainable industry

ISSN: 2001-7987 (online), 2001-7979 (print)

ISBN: 978-91-980482-5-4 (online), 978-91-980482-4-7 (print)

All papers and presentations are now publically available.

See eceee’s ethical guidelines for papers and review process.

The following papers have been corrected since the proceedings were published (and therefore differ from the printed and/or flash drive versions of the papers).

2-040-14 “Analysing the use of waste factory heat using exergy analysis”: Table 2 has been updated, and therefore differs from the table in the printed and flash drive versions of this paper.

3-042-14 “What about the long term? Using experience curves to describe the energy-efficiency improvement for selected energy-intensive products in Germany”: The order of the authors have been changed in this version of the paper. Main author is Nils Brucker.

4-060-14 “Electric or pneumatic? Comparing electric and pneumatic linear drives with regard to energy efficiency and costs”: The last page (p. 485) is unfortunately missing in the flash drive version of this paper. The paper is complete here and in the printed version of the proceedings.