Energy efficiency networks – first results from the monitoring process

Panel: 1. Policies and programmes to drive transformation

Anton Barckhausen, Adelphi consult GmbH, Germany
Clemens Rohde, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Germany


Energy efficiency networks are a main pillar of the German industrial energy efficiency policy mix. Within the initiative to establish 500 energy efficiency networks in Germany until 2020 a continuous monitoring process has been established to show the effectiveness and efficiency of the instrument.

The first monitoring cycle is scheduled for the end of the year 2017. About 30-40 networks will have reached the end of their first operational cycle by then. Within the monitoring process, all implemented measures in these networks will be collected in a a standardized process. For all measures, the classification and the savings are mandatory parameters, the provision of economic data such as related investments is voluntary. The achieved savings will be aggregated to show the achieved impact of the networks and their contribution to the overall savings target of the 500 networks initiative.

We will also compare these results to evaluations of the pilot project for the implementation of energy efficiency networks in Germany as well as comparable initiatives such as existing funding schemes or international approaches. So far other initiatives with energy efficiency networks in Europe have not been monitored in a comparable way.


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