Integrated energy management in digital enterprise

Panel: 2. Sustainable production towards a circular economy

Engelbert Lang, Siemens AG, Digital Factory Division
Factory Automation, Energy Management, Germany


Digitalization enables companies to transform their enterprise and to optimize their value chain in regard to shorter Time-to-Market, higher Flexibility, better Quality and increased Efficiency. Energy Efficiency is one additional optimization criterion in this value chain – from product design and production planning up to engineering and production phase.

The digital twin of a plant can be used in many ways to simulate and optimize all aspects of plant operation, including in regard to energy efficiency. In engineering- and operation phase, integrated energy management from machine up to enterprise level is an important leaver to achieve higher energy efficiency in a digitalized production environment. Important enablers are integrated metering hardware and integrated engineering – one standard engineering software for automation as well as energy management. Based on that and by means of seamless vertical integration a transparent operation is possible for immediate reaction and continuous optimization.

A very concrete example is the Siemens S7 Energy Efficiency-Monitor for machines: This software monitors the efficiency of production machines in discrete manufacturing. An easy-to-use solution which offers an intelligent, vendor-independent energy evaluation of machines during operation on shop floor including easy-to-use energy acceptance test, which makes it also attractive for machine builders.

Digitalization is the enabler for integrated energy management in the digital enterprise, energy efficiency as new DNA in each step of the value chain.


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