Transforming energy productivity in value chains

Panel: 2. Sustainable production towards a circular economy

Jonathan Jutsen, Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity, Australia


This presentation will provide a review of the work A2EP is leading, using an innovative value chain methodology to define the major opportunities for transforming energy use. This promises to provide a major change in the way we look at energy through the lens of the effectiveness of energy application to deliver the end services required. By systematically examining the end service and how it is best delivered along the supply chain from end user back to initiation, integrating examination of energy and material flows, we have been able to define the key opportunities to improve energy productivity. We then group these opportunities into transformative themes and define a path to implementation and then facilitate that change.

The presentation will show the principles of this methodology, and then demonstrate how we are implementing our approach in the food value chain to accelerate the introduction of these new business models and technologies. We are carrying the process through from concept to demonstration and\/or handover to accelerators to further commercialise the IP and take it to market. An example is our work on real time tracking of food through the cold chain from farm to supermarket, and how this will enable reductions in food waste and significant improvements in energy use across the chain. Another example is our work to replace steam in industry with point of end use electro-technologies (which we call ‘moving from industry 1.0 to 4.0'.)


Download this presentation as pdf: 2-011-18_Jutsen_pres.pdf