Energy-efficient business programme klimaaktiv supports Austrian industrial SMEs

Panel: 3. Energy management: The nuts and bolts

This is a peer-reviewed paper.

Petra Lackner, Austrian Energy Agency, Austria
Konstantin Kulterer, Austrian Energy Agency, Austria


klimaaktiv is the Austrian climate protection initiative launched by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (renamed Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism since January 2018). klimaaktiv is embedded in the Austrian federal climate strategy. The primary objective of klimaaktiv is to introduce and promote climate-friendly technologies and services, thereby changing both Austria’s economy and the everyday life of Austrian people.

The klimaaktiv energy-efficient business programme, managed by the Austrian Energy Agency (AEA), provides comprehensive professional support to companies, ranging from initial analysis to implementation of the efficiency measures. Many companies continue to cooperate successfully with klimaaktiv afterwards as can be seen from numerous award-winning projects across Austria. These companies commit to implement economic energy efficiency measures which entitle them to use the klimaaktiv project partner logo. So far, more than 300 best practice examples of implemented energy efficiency measures have been collected and published. With these measures energy savings of 890 GWh and CO2 savings of 284,000 tonnes could be achieved.

An important part of the programme is to offer guidelines and trainings to optimise technologies which are frequently used in operations, especially, cross-sectoral technologies like compressed air systems, pump systems, steam systems, etc. More than 2,000 energy managers and consultants have participated in the klimaaktiv trainings since 2008.


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