How executive engagement can make (or break) industrial energy management programs

Panel: 3. Energy management: The nuts and bolts

Chad Gilless, Stillwater Energy, USA
Rory Schmick, Stillwater Energy, USA


Ask any energy professional the number one driver of successful energy management in a business, and they’ll say executive buy-in. Executives can authorize budget resources and worker time. They can remove organizational barriers. They can gain buy-in from reluctant department heads. They can set a clear and visible tone in the organization. But not all executive engagements are created equally; indeed, a poorly engaged sponsor can significantly reduce the success of energy management efforts.

So, what is the answer for how to effectively engage executives? This presentation will answer that question by tracking the experiences of 7-10 executive sponsors from across North America, and add additional color from the author’s former role as an energy executive sponsor. Participants will learn how executives are brought in and bought in, to create high impact organizational efforts that are success stories for industrial energy management programs. Participants will also learn practical tips for getting – and keeping – executives engaged; defining clear roles and responsibilities; and effectively managing accountability and program oversight.


Download this presentation as pdf: 3-102-18_Gilless_pres.pdf