Why energy management is taking off in the US and Canada: a look inside the programs and the infrastructure

Panel: 3. Energy management: The nuts and bolts

Sergio Dias, Sergio Dias Consulting, Spain


Energy management programmes, offered by energy utilities, have taken off in the US and Canada. To date, approximately 13 utilities have served over 700 facilities. But that doesn’t tell the full story. Many utilities, from New York to San Francisco, are making plans to launch new energy management programs. While each of these programs offers industrial customers a somewhat different approach, they all follow some patterns that can help inform policy and program design.

This presentation will explore two related topics. First, we’ll look at the similarities and difference in the programs, exploring the factors that have helped these programs succeed as they evolve and defining some of the key elements within the programs. Second, we’ll look at some of the factors that have helped bring together the energy management ecosystem (utilities, policy makers, implementation contractors, utility staff, government agencies, etc.) to better understand what energy management is, how to apply it, solve common problems, and reach what some might consider a “tipping point” in the US.


Download this presentation as pdf: 3-107-18_Sergio Dias_pres.pdf