Energy efficiency good practices in industry: the EIEEP platform

Panel: 4. Technology, products and system optimisation

This is a peer-reviewed paper.

Simone Maggiore, R.S.E. (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico) S.p.A., Italy
Dario Di Santo, FIRE - Italian Federation for Energy Efficiency, Italy
Livio De Chicchis, FIRE - Italian Federation for Energy Efficiency
Francesco Mori, FIRE - Italian Federation for Energy Efficiency
Anna Realini, RSE


Since the introduction of the IPPC (International Pollution Prevention and Control) directive and of the BREF documents, BATs (best available techniques) have become a reference both for policies and for companies, to compare performance and to identify investment opportunities. Due to the environmental core of the IPPC first, and of the IED (Industrial Emissions Directive) after, energy efficiency BATs are not always detailed and often lack energy performance indicators.

The H2020 EU-MERCI project, aimed at fostering and facilitating the implementation of energy efficiency projects in the manufacturing industry sectors by selecting and disseminating technological and policy best practices. A set of energy efficiency good practices was developed both considering BREF indications, literature analysis and, as innovative approach, the outcomes of energy efficiency obligation and support measures aimed at the industrial sector. This was implemented through an in-depth analysis of the existing schemes in Austria, Italy, Poland and UK carried on by AEA, RSE, FIRE, KAPE and Carbon Trust. A project that required a thorough activity to normalise and compare the data made available by the different schemes.

The outcome is available through the EIEEP (European Industrial Energy Efficiency good Practices) platform implemented by EU-MERCI Partners. On the web site, a database of energy efficiency projects implemented in industry under the existing schemes is available. The database is searchable by country, sector, supporting scheme, implementation year, and company size. The complete list is also downloadable as Excel file.

Besides, a library divided by sectors is available, in which it is possible to look for the available good practices (both BATs and projects implemented under the national schemes) for each phase of the manufacturing processes. Sectoral and national analysis are finally available.

The paper illustrates the methodology used for the project and the main outcomes, also by applying the methodology to the whole database for all sectors and by providing a comparison among different sectors.


The abstract has been updated in this version of the paper.


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