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White certificates in industry: M&V, additionality and global outcomes in the Italian scheme

Panel: 1. Policies and Programmes to drive transformation

Dario Di Santo, FIRE, Italy
Livio De Chicchis, FIRE, Italy


In Italy the white certificate scheme has been mainly promoting over time energy efficiency projects implemented in the industrial sector. There has been a period of time in which such projects amounted to almost 80% of the total accounted energy savings. Recently the ration between industrial projects and energy efficiency measures implemented among other sectors in terms of accounted savings is around 60% and it is raising again since from 2017 on only metered savings are used (deemed savings methods are eligible no more).

The fact that around 60% of the project have been metered, with an approach analogous to IPMVP option B, carried many benefits: real savings are accounted for, a lot of valuable data on processes transformation has been collected (see for example the EU-MERCI good-practices platform), energy managers’ and ESCOs’ skills on M&V have been improved, higher performance are stimulated (since certificates are issued over a given amount of years according to the effective results), no need of evaluation programmes. The presentation will illustrate how M&V worked in the Italian scheme and what the main outcomes have been.

The presentation also aims to investigate the topic of additionality, a complex one when dealing with the industrial sector, especially with the improvement of manufacturing processes. Additionality has been evaluated in different ways over time, with different impacts on the eligibility of projects and deep effects on the capability to present new energy efficiency projects under the scheme.

Finally, the presentation will provide an update on the main outcome of the Italian scheme and on the recent modification introduced in 2018 and 2019 to overcome the serious problems in terms of market shortage that has been affecting the scheme since 2016.

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