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EFFORCE: how blockchain tecnology can revolutionize energy efficiency investments

Panel: 5. Business models, finance and investment

Jacopo Visetti, Efforce, Italy


EFFORCE is a blockchain-based energy saving platform. EFFORCE platform solves the three main problems of the energy efficiency market: the difficulty of putting Investors and Savers in contact, the size of the investments required and the type of financial return.Through EFFORCE, energy saving financed by the investor (Contributor) is tokenized and used or sold to energy-intensive consumers.

The role of the blockchain is paramount, since it guarantees the integrity and uniqueness of the energy saving data obtained. The data that each smart meter will transmit will be validated and certified by the blockchain, in order to unequivocally guarantee the savings obtained at a certain point in time and, therefore, the quantity of KWh saved which will be loaded on the user profile of the investor (the “Contributor”).

The energy savings of each Investor will be tokenized and can be used both to offset energy consumption and to be traded. Through EFFORCE, energy end Consumers can participate in tokenized energy savings. Thanks to the control system and data certification guaranteed by the blockchain, EFFORCE has created the first Energy Performance Smart Contract.

Each EFFORCE token holder will be granted with the access with priority to the energy savings projects that will be listed in the platform, contributing to the spreading of energy efficiency on a global scale. Each project will have a wallet in which the amount of KWh saved from that project will be accrued. In this way each token will accumulate the KWh of energy saving achieved. These savings derive from the efficiency improvement projects with high financial returns carried out by reliable industrial and commercial partners.

Efforce securitizes energy savings. This is the innovation that can revolutionize the energy efficiency market. Each token represents an Energy Performance Smart Contract, which guarantees the savings obtained over a certain period of time, thanks to a specific energy efficiency project.

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