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How can we best create a synergy between existing electricity-intensive industry, existing materials and energy systems and future establishments?

Panel: 5. Business models, finance and investment

Anders Pousette, Swedish Energy Agency, Sweden
Thomas Fägerman, Boden Business Park, Sweden
Nils Lindh, Boden Business Agency, Sweden


In the municipality of Boden have, since the 1970s, considerable resources been invested in energy production – electricity production via hydropower/cogeneration, heat via waste incineration to district heating and biogas via digestion of food waste and sewage sludge. When the military operations in the municipality of Boden decreased, the municipality decided to invest in land in strategic areas and further develop these land areas through zoning and connection of infrastructure in the form of electricity, district heating and biogas. The investment has been made in collaboration between private and public actors.

A 50 hectare former military area is transforming into a modern sustainable industrial area with unique conditions. A hydropower station with a new substation delivers 200MW of green electricity to the area. A biogas plant produces 1200m3 of biogas which is currently used for cars and busses, but the intention is to also use the gas as part of the production of fuel cells/hydrogen. A number of data centers have been built for storing data, and for frequency control of electricity and local food production by using residual heat for greenhouses and land-based fish farms all year round. The area has also a district heating infrastructure with excess energy that can be used both to supply heat and cooling. The interest for the area is high from both local, national and international players.

Education is the key to attract new people to move to the region, but also to retain and develop those who already live in the area. Identifying and implementing the right type of education is key – a lot has been invested in world- and future reconnaissance. An interesting part of the local commitment is the local food cluster that includes everything from growers, suppliers and wholesalers.

The purpose of the investment is to create a synergy between existing electricity-intensive industry, existing materials and energy systems and future establishments.

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