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Innovative approach to use standards in new business models blockchain ready

Panel: 5. Business models, finance and investment

Antonio Panvini, Comitato Termotecnico Italiano Energia e Ambiente - CTI, Italy
Ettore Piantoni, CEN/CENELEC JTC 14 Chairman, Italy
Bernard Gindroz, CEN/CENELEC Sector Forum Energy Management Chairman, Italy


EU’s energy and climate framework to 2030, as any business strategy execution, requires ex-ante assessment of the projected effects of the policies and ex post evaluation of the implemented actions with a materiality approach. The updated Guidelines for companies and financial institutions on reporting climate related information to investors and Non-Financial Reporting Directive, integrate the framework, striving to provide investors with material information on the effects of climate change on corporations as well as the impact of their activities on climate. The aim is to engage investors and shareholders (financial materiality) with Sustainable Finance and stakeholders, companies, consumers to adopt sustainable energy measures towards decarbonization, by providing de-risking tools and platform to track and monitor progresses and effectiveness of the measures.

It is business and standards activism to shape and support the framework that stimulates innovation addressing challenges directly. This requires the development and adoption of emerging and new technologies such as NZEB distributed RES production, real-time coordination of electricity supply and demand, energy storage, e-mobility, hydrogen as well as impact finance. Standardization, quality of data, transparency, traceability for disclosure and reporting are essential requirements of this integrated framework.

Extending the positive application of Distributed Ledger and Blockchain to energy we can substantially contribute to define a coherent set of trusted rules supporting policy measures and regulatory initiatives. This will enable the technical and financial value chains to share common business platform to mitigate risks and value the multiple benefits of the implemented actions.

In the presentation we will cover the “relevance” standardized framework for a business model blockchain ready. The desired outcome is to develop a collaborative use case with all relevant shareholders and stakeholders.

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Download this presentation as pdf: 5-059-20_Piantoni_pre.pdf