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Towards a climate-smart petrochemical process industry on the Swedish west coast

Panel: 6. Deep decarbonisation of industry

Magnus Andersson, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Sweden
Caroline Löfgren, Johanneberg Science Park, Sweden


The absolute majority of Sweden's refinery capacity and the largest chemical industry cluster is found in Western Sweden, which is considered to be the heart of the Swedish process industry. The here presented 10 year initiative, named “Climate Smart Process Industry”, aims to lead a transition from an industrial region based on fossil raw materials to a region where industry is world leading in the production of chemicals, materials and fuels based on renewable and recycled raw materials. By converting to new “climate neutral” raw materials and processes, the industry will contribute to the region's "Green Chemistry"-smart specialization strategy as well as the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 80% by 2030.

The initiative creates an opportunity to gather, coordinate, communicate and finance activities in four thematic areas:

– Chemical and mechanical plastics recycling

– Renewable chemicals, materials and fuels

– Climate smart process technology

– Climate smart value chains

Identified challenges within the aforementioned thematic areas will be addressed by initiating targeted projects and activities. Additionally, new challenges will be identified and addressed by further developing and strengthening the innovation activities in the industry cluster. In this way, the initiative aims to develop new value chains between current and new industry actors with the aim of increasing circularity, resource efficiency, and reducing fossil dependence. This requires not only novel technology but new competences, business models and policy instruments.

The operational management of the initiative is performed by Johanneberg Science Park in collaboration with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, with support from Sweden’s innovation agency, Vinnova, from Region Västra Götaland as well as from members of the industry cluster. The presentation will introduce this 10 year initiative, and provide details on planned activities and expected achievements within the coming years.

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