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Heat pumps for simultaneous heating and cooling in the dairy sector

Panel: 1. Processes and technologies to meet future challenges

Beatrice Marchi, Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy
Simone Zanoni, University of Brescia, Italy


This contribution explores the viability application of heat pump technology to simultaneously provide heating and refrigeration in the dairy sector, offering a sustainable and energy-efficient solution. Traditional dairy processes require both heating for milk processing and refrigeration for storage, posing a challenge for optimizing energy usage. The integration of heat pumps allows for the harnessing of waste heat from refrigeration systems to supplement heating needs, creating a synergistic relationship between the two processes.

The study investigates the technical feasibility, energy efficiency, and economic viability of implementing joint heat and refrigeration systems in dairy facilities. By leveraging the principles of heat pump technology, surplus heat generated during refrigeration is efficiently repurposed for heating applications, reducing overall energy consumption and environmental impact. The article discusses the potential benefits of this integrated approach, including increased energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and cost savings for dairy operators.

The contribution tries to underline real-world implementations of joint heat and refrigeration systems in the dairy industry providing valuable practical considerations for dairy producers looking to adopt this innovative approach.

In conclusion, the integration of heat pump technology for joint heat and refrigeration systems in the dairy sector presents a promising avenue for sustainable dairy processing. The findings of this article contribute to the growing body of knowledge on energy-efficient practices in the food industry, offering valuable insights for researchers, engineers, and dairy industry stakeholders seeking environmentally responsible solutions for their operations.


Download this presentation as pdf: 1-047-23_Marchi_Pres.pdf