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Industrial Efficiency 2024: Zero carbon industry

Panel 2. Energy management and corporate culture

Panel leaders: Erik Gudbjerg & Rod Janssen

Development of decarbonization strategies of industrial process heating applications - Experiences and case studies (2-003-23)
Astrid Kuijers Hostrup, Teknologisk Institut, Denmark
Fredrerik Dupond Holdt, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark
Tage Pedersen, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark
Hans Madsbøll, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark
Benjamin Zühlsdorf, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark

Evaluating Energy Management Integration into Upstream Supply Chains: A Systematic Literature Review (2-008-23)
Bruna Maria Xavier, Linköping University, Sweden
Maria Johansson, Linköping University, Sweden

A new approach to upgrade energy audit outcomes: the Audit2Action strategy within the AUDIT2MEASURE project (2-009-23)
Simone Maggiore, R.S.E. (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico) S.p.A., Italy
Jérémy Bourgault, ADELPHI, Germany
Milan Matußek, ADELPHI, Germany
Ioanna Makarouni, NTUA, Greece
Nikos Vourgidis, NTUA, Greece
Dimitris Dimitrakopoulos, NTUA, Greece
Stefano Moscarelli, RSE, Italy

Can Carbon Neutrality drive Net Zero in industry? (2-011-23)
Ian Byrne, IBECCS Ltd, United Kingdom

Insights from a Swedish Power Audit Program: Examining Load Management Readiness and Power Optimization Potential in Manufacturing SMEs (2-013-23)
Simon Johnsson, Linköping University, Sweden
Lina La Fleur, Linköping University, Sweden
Patrik Thollander, Linköping University, Sweden

Decarbonisation of container terminals — An organisational journey (2-014-23)
Andrea Wiholm, APM Terminals, Denmark
Arne Remmen, Aalborg University, Denmark
Thomas Hahn, Stockholm University, Sweden

Innovation and digital development within MSMEs in the Italian context (2-015-23)
Francesca Meroni, Italy
Francesca Bazzocchi, RSE, Italy
Stefano Moscarelli, RSE, Italy
Marco Borgarello, RSE, Italy

Accelerating Energy Efficiency in EU SMEs with Digital Energy Efficiency Checks (2-017-23)
Martin Haagen, eeaser GmbH, Germany
Zarmina Khan, eeaser GmbH, Germany

Energy and data - how data analysis can contribute to reducing consumption at the scale of the SNCF (2-021-23)
Jack Suddaby, AREP, France
Antoine Hubert, AREP, France

Lessons from how California, the world's fifth largest economy, took Energy Management way beyond energy efficiency (2-023-23)
Sergio Dias, Sergio Dias Consulting, Spain

Energy manager: a fundamental driver for energy efficiency (2-041-23)
Dario Di Santo, FIRE, Italy
Jacopo Romiti, FIRE, Italy
Cesare Negro, FIRE, Italy

The importance of energy audits in promoting energy efficiency among SMEs: Results from industry interviews (2-044-23)
Aiga Barisa, Portugal
Miklos Horvath
Tamas Csoknyai
Georg Benke, e7, Austria
Paula Fonseca, ISR-University of Coimbra, Portugal
Pedro Moura, Institute of Systems and Robotics - University of Coimbra, Portugal
Margarita Puente, ESCAN s.l.., Spain
Marta Mazurkiewicz
Laura Bano, SOGESCA, Italy
Andrea Cervato
Nina Nikolova
Mihael Deliyski
Vladimir Tsankov
Andreas Androutsopoulos, CRES - Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, Buildings Dept, Greece
Ricards Stivrins
Gatis Žogla, Ekodoma Ltd., Latvia

The promise of industrial demand-side flexibility: findings from a qualitative study (2-048-23)
Jessica Berneiser, Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE, Germany
Leonard Schneider-Strehl, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Germany
Johanna Kucknat, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Germany
Moritz Vogel, Öko-Institut e.V.
Sebastian Gölz, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Germany

Empowering Industry: Transformative Strategies for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Compressed Air Systems (2-054-23)
Elvira Rakova, Direktin, Italy

Energize Your Future - the critical connection between energy management and business survival (2-058-23)
An Beazar, Enprove, Belgium

Cutting carbon loads in supply chains (transport and packaging) (2-059-23)
Maja Tomazin, Knauf Insulation, Slovenia
Matjaž Polak, Knauf Insulation, Slovenia

Unlocking the potential: Accelerating the adoption of highly efficient motors in Europe's industries (2-063-23)
Tomas Jezdinsky, European Copper Institute, Belgium
Diedert Debusscher, European Copper Institute, Belgium
João Fong, ISR - University of Coimbra, Portugal

Alignment of regulatory requirements with energy management practices (2-064-23)
Liam McLaughlin, GEN Europe, Ireland

The implications of EN 17956 on industrial insulation (2-065-23)
Stephan Reichinger, Rockwool Technical Insulation, The Netherlands