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eceee 1995 Summer Study on energy efficiency

Panel Panel 1: Policy and Programmes - Who can deliver DSM?

The Electric Power Industry Structure and Integrated Resource Planning
Aviel Verbruggen, University of Antwerp

Current trends for Italian national and local power companies: prospects for Integrated Resource Planning?
Lorenzo Pagliano, Politecnico di Milano and Ambiente Italia Research Institute
Angelica Tudini, Ambiente Italia Research and Italian National Statistics Institute
Joseph Eto, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Roberto Caponio, Ambiente Italia Research Institute

Standards for energy efficient installations - the Swedish Building Code
Eje Sandberg, Esan Energy AB

Energy Service Agreement Model for the Future - Reliability and Creditability
Alf Elmberg, Göteborg Energi AB, Sweden

Developing a simulation model to forecast Heating/Cooling demand in the Japanese residential sector
Chiharu Murakoshi, Jyukankyo Research Institute INC, Tokyo
Hidetoshi Nakagami, Jyukankyo Research Institute INC, Tokyo
Akio Tanaka, Jyukankyo Research Institute INC, Tokyo
Yasuhiro Murota, Shonan Econometrics, Tokyo
Ichiro-o Miura, Osaka Gas Co. Ltd., Osaka

Designing and implementing an energy regulatory framework in a transition economy: the opportunity of the demand side
Catherine Vallee, BCEOM
Michel Labrousse, BCEOM
Pascal Habay, BCEOM
Arthur Spring, BCEOM

Computer-Based Analysis Tool for the Economic Appraisal of Energy Services with Consideration of their Load Impacts
Dieter Seifried, Öko-Institut

Incentives for DSM in Deregulated Markets
Hans Otto Haaland, The Research Council of Norway
Dan W. York, MSB Energy Associates Inc.

Prices, Punishment or Pedagogics? How Norwegian Energy Conservation policies Affect Heation and Ventilation Engineering
Marit Hubak, University of Trondheim
Knut H. Sörensen, University of Trondheim
Vojislav Novakovic, University of Trondheim-Norwegian Institute of Technology

A new Utility DSM Strategy Using Intensive Campaigns Based on Area-Specific Costs
Joel Swisher, UNEP Collaborating Centre, Risø National Lab
Ren Orans, Energy and Environmental Economics

DSM Opportunities Within the Future Competitive Polish Electricity System
Ewaryst Hille, Polish Foundation for the Energy Efficiency, Poland
Wallace R. Gibson, Northwest Power Planning Council, USA

Incentive Regulation: A Precondition for Fueling the LCP Process in Northrhine Westfalia
Uwe Leprich, Öko-Institut, Germany
Dieter Schulte Janson, Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany

Why there are small opportunities for electricity conservation in Estonia - how to change the situation
Aarne Leisalu, ESTIVO Ltd., Estonia

Implementing Differences Renewable Energy Sources vs Energy-Efficient End Use
Brita Olerup, Stockholm Energi and Lunds University, Sweden

Potentials for Energy Efficiency in the Swedish Commercial and Service Sector by End-use forecasting using EXCEL and EPRI-COMMEND
Heini-Marja Suvilehto and Randall Bowie

A Professional Platform for Cooperation in Energy Planning
Klaus Illum, Aalborg University, Denmark

Energy Conservation - a Task for Utilities?
Uffe Sønderhousen, The Confederation of Danish Industries
Niels O. Gram, The Confederation of Danish Industries

Integrated Resource Planning: From theory to practice
Kaare Sandholt, ELKRAFT
Gert Nielsen, NESA

Energy efficiency in buildings
Tony Birtles, Building Research Establishment, UK

Energy Technology Promotion for a Sustainable Development
Paula Abreu-Marques, European Commission, Directorate General XVII

Regulation, IRP and DSM: Lessons from three Countries in Transition (United States, Austria and Czech Republic)
Michael Bull, Bonneville Power Administration
Herbert Lechner, Energieverwertungsagentur
Jiri Zeman, SEVEn

Financing the Pot of Gold: Problems and Solutions with Energy Efficiency Finance in Eastern Europe
Peter M Hobson, International Institute for Energy Conservation

Characterization of the Potential for Electricity Conservation in Portugal
Paulo S. Júlio, Universidade de Coimbra
Pedro H. Cabra, Universidade de Coimbra
Ricardo S. Costa, Universidade de Coimbra
Anìbal T. de Almeida, Universidade de Coimbra

Analysis of a pilot project promoting more efficient refrigerators and freezers through a French mail order catalog
Rémy Souchon, 3 Suisse France
Benoît Lebot, ADEME

European Benefit/Cost (EUBC) Analysis Methodology for Energy Efficiency Programs
Stíle E. Johansen, SRC International ApS, Denmark
David T. Hoog, SRC International Inc., USA