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eceee 1995 Summer Study on energy efficiency

Panel Panel 2: Programme Evaluation

Evaluation of demand-side management programs: What technologies?
Anibal T. De Almedia, University of Coimbra
Edward L. Vine, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Evaluation of an experiment in a driving school - "Drive net profit - save energy and environment"
Saara Pekkarinen, Dept. of Economics, University of Oulu

Evaluation of RWE? KesS Rebate Programme for Efficient Residential Appliances
Stefan Thomas, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

Energy Consultancy in a Cross-National Comparison: A central, additive or superfluous measure to promote energy savings in the housing sector?
Inger-Marie Christensen, Amternes og Kommunernes Forskningsinstitut
Stefan Rieder and Klaus Wortmann, Forschungsgesellschaft fr umweltschonende Energieumwandlung und -nutzung mbH

A standard energy auditing procedure is providing good results as a part of Finland's Energy Conservation Programme
Heikki K. Väisänen, Information Center for Energy Efficiency MOTIVA

The Economics of Residential Water Heating: Fuel Choise, Economic Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability
Kenneth H. Tiedemann, B.C. Hydro

From Target Values to Eco-Label
Bernard Aebischer, Energy Analysis Group, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Dominique Pain, Institut d'Evaluation des Stratégies sur l'Energie et l'Environnement en Europe, France

Empirical modelling of the energy conservation investment process of firms
Merlijn Gillissen, Ecological Economics Group, Department of Spatial Economics, Vrije University, Amserdam

Measuring Electricity Consumption by End-Use: Lessons learned from a Monitoring Project in the Residential Sector
Benoît Lebot, ADEME
Olivier Lenci, Ecole des Mines de Paris
Didier Mayer, Ecole des Mines de Paris
Paul Waide, PW Consulting

Measured Savings vs. Engineering Estimates: An Analysis of Differences Between Program Assumptions, Engineering Surveys and Field-Monitored Data
Harry Misuriello, Energy Conservation and DSM Consultant

A system of surveys in order to know the energy demand of the french commercial sector
Mrs Haehnel, CEREN

Too Expensive Energy Savings?
Jørgen Jordal-Jørgensen, Institute of Local Government Studies, Denmark (AKF)
Anders Larsen, Institute of Local Government Studies, Denmark (AKF)

Energy Efficiency in Swedish Telephone Exchanges
Birgitta I. Andersson, Telia, Sweden

International DSM and DSM program evaluation: An INDEEP assessment
Edward Vine, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Transaction costs of energy efficiency improvement
Lars G. Hein, Dept. of Science, Technology & Society, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Kornelis Blok, Dept. of Science, Technology & Society, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Parameters affecting energy consumption in the petrochemical industry
Dian Phylipsen, Dept. of Science, Technology and Society
Ernst Worrell, Dept. of Science, Technology and Society
Kornelis Blok, Dept. of Science, Technology and Society

The Evaluation of an Energy Efficiency Programme for Finnish Industry
Jouko Rämö, The Energy Federation of Finnish Industries (TELI)

Evaluation od a middle term partnership between Ademe and french communities
Isabelle Thomas, (DPPE/SPEA)
Robert Angioletti, (DBER/DBC)