Panel Panel 1: Energy Efficiency policies, programmes and their links

Preliminary European Guide on HVAC design
Dominique Marchio, Ecole des Mines de Paris Members of AICVF (Association des Ingénieurs en Climatique, Ventilation et Froid)
Eric Auzenet, Ecole des Mines de Paris Members of AICVF (Association des Ingénieurs en Climatique, Ventilation et Froid)

Energy Efficiency for a sustainable
Dr. Bernard Laponche, International Consulting on Energy (ICE)
Mr. Theodore Filimon, International Consulting on Energy (ICE)
Ms. Kenya Tillerson, International Consulting on Energy (ICE)
Mr. Sergei Molotsov, Moscow Energy Club

Energy efficiency vs. economic efficiency - balance or pressure?
A. Gomes Martins, Dept. Electrical Engineering, University of Coimbra, INESC

Reducing distribution system capacity costs and CO2 emissions with cost-effective DSM programmes
Stefan Thomas, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
Wolfgang Zander, Büro für Energiewirtschaft und Technische Planung GmbH, Aachen

Italian Local Policies and Programmes for Energy Efficiency. The Case Study of Rome
Marco Beccali, Ambiente Italia Research Institute
Roberto Caponio, Ambiente Italia Research Institute
Lorenzo Pagliano, Politecnico di Milano and Ambiente Italia Research Institute

Energy Saving Policy Development in Lithuania
Vidmantas Jankauskas, Lithuanian Energy Institute

An Analysis of the Energy Saving Investment Programms in Latvia
Dr. Hab. Sc. Ing. Dagnija Blumberga, Riga Technical University
Dr. Hab. Sc. Ing. Ivars Veidenbergs, Riga Technical University
M. Sc. Ilmars Kass, Riga Technical University
M.Sc. Andra Blumberga, Riga Technical University
M.Sc. Harijs Bokta, Riga Technical University

Integrated Energy Efficiency Policy in Latvia
P.Shipkovs, Latvian Energy Agency
L.Kvaskovs, Latvian Energy Agency
I.Purina, Latvian Energy Agency

"Bright North Rhine-Westphalia": A Joint LCP-project of 80 utilities, the Ministry of Economics and the Consumer Protection Agency of North Rhine-Westphalia
Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke, Director of the energy departement of Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Energy and Environment/Science Center North Rhine-Westfalia
Dr. Dieter Schulte-Janson, Head of electricity price regulation unit, Ministry of economics North Rhine-Westphalia

Lessons learned by an international DSM database
Harry Vreuls, Novem, The Netherlands
Casper Kofod, DEFU, Denmark

The Finnish Energy Conservation Programme - The First Experiences
Mr. Jari Kostama, Ministry of Trade and Industry

A Comparison of Deregulation, Electrical Efficiency Programs, And Integrated Market Transformation Policies: Impact On Carbon Emissions And Service Costs In Western Europe's Power Sector
Florentin Krause, International Project for Sustainable Energy Paths (IPSEP)
Jonathan Koomey, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Demand Side Management (DSM) Programmes for District Heating in Poland
Georg Narciss

Energy Efficiency and CO2-reduction
Peter Bach, Minerals Office, Government of Greenland and Danish Energy Agency

The Energy impact of changing structures in foreign trade of Denmark
Henrik Klinge Jacobsen, Risö National Laboratory

Energy Services at Stockholm Energi
Brita Olerup, Royal Institute of Technology
Anders Lindén, Birka Teknik & Miljö AB

Is there a Market for a local energy supplier providing energy services
Dr. Willi Herbert, Forschungsgesellschaft fþr umweltschonende Energieumwandlung und -nutzung mbH

European Energy Efficiency: Is Success Transferable?
Martine Uyterlinde, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation
Toon van Harmelen, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation
Joanne Wade, Association for the Conservation of Energy

Energy Efficiency Projects and Financing: Lithuanian Experience
Dr. Algimantas BURBA, Lithuanian Energy Institute
Dr. Romualdas SKEMA, Lithuanian Energy Institute
Dr. Feliksas ZINEVICIUS, Lithuanian Energy Institute

Energy Plan for the Energy Efficiency Demonstration Zone (EEDZ) for the Primorsky Rayon in St. Petersburg
Georg Narciss